Join us for the Next Women's Retreat in Costa Rica and ​RECEIVE ​6 months worth of FREE coaching when you register!

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​Why Retreat? 

Retreating takes you out of your current elements, settings and situations so that you can transform in a ways that your everyday settings prevent you from tapping into.  By immersing your SELF in new energies, with others individuals committed to the same things you are, you're able to support each other in an environment ​that WILL take you to new heights.  What would it be like to leave behind the limitations of you current life and step into the  NEW REALITY you've been wanting and asking for?   What would it be like to say YES to the you, the YOU that's been asking to EMERGE, CREATE and BE?

What's included

6 months of coaching calls

Hot springs


Participate in one 1.5 hour coaching call each week prior to the retreat. Calls are recorded for your convenience.

Daily access to the world renowned hot springs.  Course schedule gives you 3 hours each afternoon to enjoy the springs..

​You make arrangements to get to the San Jose, Costa Rica airport and your transfer to the hotel is included.

​Course Tuition

​Hotel Stay


​Deep dive into one of the most transformational experiences of your life and build a lifetime sisterhood.

​5 days, 4 night LUXURY accommodations at the Leading Hotels of the World, The Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa.

​Dinner is included the evening you arrive and breakfast and dinner is included each day of the retreat.

6 Months of Coaching Before the Retreat 
(all calls are recorded for your convenience)

Tamara will facilitate one 1.5 hour call each week leading up to the retreat. 

-May: Intro to Energetics and Energy Clearing

-June: Mastering the "Law of Attraction" and Co-Creating with Universal Energy 

-July: Mastering "Ask & Receive" and your INTUITION

-August: Mastering Abundance and Energetics of Money

-September: Mastering the Energetics of Business

-October: Mastering the Energetics of Body and SELF

​The Venue

Mount Arenal, Costa Rica:  Relax in the volcano warmed hotsprings and surround yourself in the magic that only the rain forest can provide. With its spacious luxury, you'll immerse yourself in the benefits that only the 900 acres of lush private rainforest reserve can provide.  

Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa:  Recognized as a member of one of The Leading Hotels of the World and one of The Leading Spas of the World, you're sure to be impressed. Every detail has been thought of from its luxurious rooms to becoming the first carbon neutral certified luxury hotel in the country.

Retreat Schedule

Dates:  November 2 - 6, 2017.  Course will begin evening of the 2nd.  Check out is noon on the 6th.

- Dinner and meet & greet will be the evening of the 2nd.

-Saturday the 4th will be an excursion day, details to come.

9am-12: meditation and discourse.   

12-3pm:  Free time for lunch, lounging and/or Hot Springs.  3pm-6pm:  Discourse      

6pm on:   Free for dinner, socializing and/or resting.

Note:  You will have time to relax on your own and be with the other ladies in the retreat.  We suggest you use this time to connect, discuss what you are discovering for yourself, relax in the hot springs and/or pamper yourself at the spa.

​What would it be like to master these 5 elements?  
What would you create?  What would your life be like? 

​Are you currently in ALIGNMENT with your highest SELF creating YOUR life? 

What if you CLEARED all the blocks standing in the way of what you want?

What would be possible if you could out create any creation you've ever created?

​What if ALL the decisions you made came from your intuition?

How well do you TRUST your SELF, your path and the choices you make?

​During our 5 days together you'll deep dive into the 5 elements, transform who you are to the core so that you can create anything you desire.  

How much money would you like to create?  

How much time do you actually want to spend working?

Where do you want to be living ?

​How much traveling do you want to be doing?

What else would you create IF YOU HAD IT ALL YOUR WAY?  


Meet Tamara Ross

After producing unprecedented results on a project serving her spiritual teacher, Tamara found the magic ingredients to make SH*T happen:  Women, Energetic Alignment, Fun, Love and Collaboration.  After that the only thing she wants to do is create that same space for others committed to making huge leaps in their lives.

Tamara is masterful at aligning energy and creating whatever her heart desires.  When she was 23 she began buying and investing in real-estate.  by the time she was 28 she owned 4 properties.  At 29 years old she decided to quit her job and travel the world.  For 2 years she created the opportunities that led to a rich unique and diverse worldly experience.  At the age of 30 Tamara created her first coaching business which lead to her creating the perfect relationship, a wonderful child and now retreats for women that she leads all over the world.

During the retreat Tamara will be guiding you to align with your highest SELF, and showing you the path to fully integrate purpose, spirit and collaboration in your everyday life and business so that you to can create and have whatever you want with EASE!

As an intuitive coach for entrepreneurs and business owners, Tamara guides women to access their highest potential and achieve their personal greatness by having them align in their highest SELF.  Honing her craft over the last 6 years, has allowed her touch the lives of many souls, aligning them in both purpose and spirit.