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Create Your Life and Your Business Your Way!

Times are weird, but trust me...

This isn't the END of the World; It's the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!

If deep down you know...
  • Life wasn't really going the way you wanted before COVID-19 and this whole situation just took you from tolerating it to totally-f'ing-over-it!
  • You've been unhappy with your day-to-day life for a while and are scared to choose what’s next
  • There's a silver-lining, a gift, or an opportunity to all this madness that you are ready to grab with both hands!
  • NOW IS THE TIME to upgrade your life!
  • You're ready to discover your Purpose, experience PASSION for life, and reclaim your personal POWER
  • You want to uncover a new way of living where you stop struggling and sacrificing and start creating life your way on your terms!
  • You're finally ready to make money doing what you LOVE!
  • You want to do business from anywhere, any time, no matter the circumstances


I've got the course for you!

My Life My Design Presents:

Ultimate Freedom

Leverage your Brilliance to Create a Business & Life you LOVE!

Times of uncertainty and unpredictability are PACKED WITH OPPORTUNITY

This is THE LARGEST redistribution of wealth, attention, and power the planet has had for a period of time...and while change is inevitable, SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL!

WhatsApp, Venmo, Groupon, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest and Square - ALL wildly successful companies that rake in BILLIONS of dollars a year - were founded in the last 2008 recession, which was the last period of MASSIVE opportunity.

Unpredictable times are an opportunity for reinvention. 

RIGHT NOW is your chance to create a new reality!

You can create something great! You don’t have to give in to the struggle, trying to survive and cope. You have amazing gifts the world wants to experience and an expertise that needs to be shared, whether you know it or not!

Are You Ready to:

  • Live without limitations?
  • Have an unfair advantage in business - one that allows you to thrive through crisis and create more when others are stuck and stopped?
  • Pivot your life and business so they work for you instead of the other way around?
  • Recession, depression, pandemic, and quarantine-proof your money flows so you are sitting pretty no matter what?
  • Own your gifts and discover the one thing that you do better than anyone else?
  • Create leverage by packaging your skills in a way that others can't say no to buying?
I'm OFFICIALLY Inviting you to...

STOP surviving and strive once and for all


 Where you'll gain clarity, power, purpose, step into your DESTINY, and finally create LIFE ALL YOUR WAY!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Say, "YES!":

The Modules

Each of the 5 Modules will include: 

  • Training Videos
  • Audio Recordings
  • Ultimate Freedom Workbook


Module 1: Releasing Your Limitations

In Module 1, you'll free yourself from any limiting beliefs or past failures by learning 3 powerful clearing techniques. You'll instantly eliminate limitations and remove the invisible glass ceiling that's been capping what's possible for you as an entrepreneur, creator, and business owner.


Module 2: Igniting Your Purpose & Intuition

In Module 2, you'll learn how to receive your intuitive knowledge and begin leveraging intuition to connect with source, higher self, and future self. Get deeply connected to your purpose on the planet & rediscover what makes life JUICY for you!


Module 3: Mastering the Laws of Creation

In Module 3, you'll discover how to work with the universe to create beyond your human limitations. Master staying in a high frequency so that bigger and better things come to you! You'll learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" and the "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in not only attaining your goals, but also co-creating and out-creating what you thought was POSSIBLE to achieve unimaginable results.


Module 4: Aligning in your Power

In Module 4, you'll learn the two components of alignment - how to align with your highest SELF as well as your future SELF, allowing you to experience the magic of who you really are and what you are really capable of. You'll identify your personal alignment formula so you can tune in and create your next evolution with velocity by having what you are asking for COME to you rather than constantly chasing it.


Module 5: Surrendering to YOUR TRUTH

In Module 5, you'll learn what it actually takes to have a life filled with ease; leaving behind the confusion, stress and struggle of this reality. Step into your ability to move through anything with peace and calm instead of the self doubt. You'll experience ease and magic with your day-to-day dealings and learn how to deal with any road block that may come your way!

Membership to our Private Creators Community

Unlimited access to our Private Online Community. Get ready to make new friends while you create your new life! Picture an ambitious, heart-centered group of people just like you... Who are there to share in your wins, support you when you are going through it, need an opinion, or have burning questions. 

And because I want to make it easy for you to say YES... When you register you'll also receive:

Business Basics Mini-Course

Valued at: $597

New to the work of business or doing business online? Don't worry. We've got just the thing! 

The business basics mini course is designed to take your big ideas and anchor them into this reality online by giving you the practical guidance you need to do everything form buying your domain name to setting up your first email auto-responder. 

About Tamara

Course Creator & CEO of My Life My Design

Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design. She is a highly sought after Energetics Expert who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs create more money, cash flow, and opportunity in their companies. Creator of the Energetic Self Mastery Program, she not only trains individuals and entrepreneurs to create MORE for themselves and their lives, but also trains individuals to impact others with a certified MLMD Energetic Coaching Program.  

Tamara’s expertise in working with energy allows individuals to create lives filled with love, enjoyment, success, and balance all while increasing their profits and money flows.  She trains people in removing the barriers to their success so they can manifest ANYTHING they desire. 

Tamara's expertise has allowed for her to retire her husband and grow a multiple 6-figure company with a 70% profitability margin while positively impacting thousands of individuals world wide. 

You Might be Wondering

What Makes this Course Different?

Good question! Here's what sets Ultimate Freedom apart...

Ultimate Freedom isn't about tools and tactics. It's about owning the ONE thing that changes EVERYTHING! The one thing, that when you master it, makes everything in life flow with ease - ENERGY.

This isn't about creating a job that makes you money. It is about creating a life that you love and a business that supports it. Because you know what... when you are living your purpose, you are filled with passion and the profits just flow!

  • If you want a juicy, abundant life of impact...
  • If you want an unfair advantage in this new economy...
  • If you want to learn the SECRET ingredient that has all the tools, tactics, and teachings - past and future - finally freakin' make sense, you need to...

Learn to shift the thing that shifts everything. Harness the power that fuels everything. Tap into the most potent and essential ingredient for all life... ENERGY!

And in case you are sitting over there thinking - "Pfffttt ENERGY! What is this lady talking about? This is some BS! Energy isn't going to change $H*T! for me."

You should know that energy isn't some woo-woo new age concept. It's your thoughts, feelings and actions - i.e. how you show up and experience the world. It is also what makes up everything you touch, see, feel, hear, smell and sense. 

And in this course, you learn the tools, tactics and techniques... AND how to use ENERGY - yours and universal source energy - to manifest your new creation!

P.S. This is what people talk about when they reference The Law of Attraction.

Working with Tamara...

(If creating a multiple 6-figure business & the life of her dreams isn't proof enough that this stuff works, take it from...)

Theresa Radtke

Personal Trainer

"4 times the number of clients"

After being in Tamara's program for 1 month, I brought in 4 times the number of clients (more than all of last year) without doing any more work.

Gayle Goldman

Business Consultant

"Increased my business by 33%"

Within the first month of working with Tamara I increased my business by 33%, and am having way more fun.

Melissa Gabriel

Real Estate Agent

"Earned $168k in commission in one day"

Since working with Tamara, I earned $168k in commission in one day, more than any previous year total.

What's the Investment?

You know how to get great answers? ASK GREAT QUESTIONS! So let me pause for a second and ask you some great questions that will lead you to more valuable answers...  

  • What is not owning your power, being clear on what you want, or being your own boss (aka - owning your own business) costing you? 
  • How many years have you spent wanting, working toward, or being disappointed you aren't living your passion or purpose?
  • How many thousands of dollars and hours of your life have you spent trying to have it all? How much have you spent learning how to really take charge of and create what you want?
  • What will be the impact of NOT taking advantage of this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pause, reflect, and reinvent yourself?

This is a LANDMARK in human evolution, an unprecedented opportunity for reflection & reinvention

Don't let this chance pass you by to 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

What can I expect once I sign up?

What are you teaching in this course?

What if I want more personalized support? 

There are NO coincidences in life... 

I know for a fact that there’s a bigger reason you and I met. I call in the souls who are ready to work with me and step into the next evolution of themselves.  

I’ve spent a decade honing my skills to master my SELF energetically, learning:

  • The ins and outs of energy
  • How to make the esoteric practical and useful
  • A wholistic approach to manifestation that ACTUALLY works with ease and speed

so that I can give you the direct route to LIVING YOUR LIFE ALL YOUR WAY!

I want to see you laugh, love and thrive. I want to watch you discover the magical gift that you ALREADY have. I want to support you in owning those gifts, sharing them with the world, and being RICHLY rewarded for doing so. 

Your journey is personal. What you want to create in this world is a unique manifestation of your SELF! Let me & my team of coaches trained in the 5 pillars of energetic mastery and manifestation get you where you want to go with ease and speed!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is available when you say, “YES!” and click that gold ENROLL NOW button. 

So much love,

This is YOUR TIME!

Stop struggling and step into the magic that awaits when you...

Look at what past students have to say...


"Stopped living to work"

During my year of working with My Life My Design, I sold a business, started a new business, grew an IG account to over 10k in 3-months, moved, lost 30 lbs, stopped living to work and found my partner. Coincidence? I think not! 

If you are looking for straight forward, uncommon, but practical tools and coaching that you can use for the rest of your life to create anything you want, you're in the right place.

Assistant Manager

"Most fun, impactful and energetic coaching ever"

This is hands down the most fun, impactful and energetic coaching I've ever received! I love it!

Real Estate Agent

"Best two months of my career"

When I started with Tamara I wanted to grow my business the only way I knew how - by making a certain amount of calls, going to networking events, and being busy in my business. 

Recently, I went on a two week holiday. Instead of babysitting my business, I decided to enjoy my time away and trust that what I have been creating would actually manifest into closed business. Not only did me stepping out and allowing this to happen create more business I actually have had the best two months of my career.

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