Pivoting to Profits: How to Create, Grow, and Establish a New Business No Matter What the Economy is Doing

Pivoting to Profits:

How to Create, Establish and Grow a Business No Matter What the Economy is Doing

When big changes happen to the economy, fear rises and most people become paralyzed not knowing what to do next. However, if you ground yourself in who you are, what you have to offer, and cultivate the flexibility to shift your offerings as the economy and demands change; you have a huge opportunity to stay profitable, start something amazing and even make it big!

Riddle me this Batman…. 

What do WhatsApp, Venmo, Groupon, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest and Square all have in common? 

They were all founded in the last US recession in 2008.

When things begin to go south, many people begin to follow the money trail looking for security thinking they couldn’t possibly do what they love and get paid for it.  Believing you have to choose between following your passion or making money is a surefire way to lead to and perpetuate a passionless, purposeless life. What if I told you that you don’t have to choose? That there IS a way to easily turn your passion into financial gain…right from the comfort of your own home. For all my entrepreneurs, creators, and thought leaders… I GOT YOU! Trust me to guide you on a journey that not only serves you spiritually but will also promote financial prosperity within your energy field.

There are three things that can potentially screw up your chances of stepping into your own greatness: Fear, Inadequacy, and Doing “it” (whatever YOUR it is) the right way. Anxiety towards any new venture is a natural feeling. BUT... that doesn’t mean that you have to be consumed in that feeling. If you want to step into your greatness and turn your passion into a profit, there are ways to overcome self-doubting feelings…and you bet your sweet ass I know the way!

Often times, we won’t allow ourselves to be great because we don’t TRUST ourselves enough to know that we can in fact, do it. We don’t trust ourselves enough to know that this is our perfect moment. Like I said before, THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE CONSUMED BY THE FEELINGS THAT HOLD YOU BACK. There are plenty of ways to overcome any dismissive thoughts that prevent you from reaching your highest potential.

In order to overcome the self-doubt that you’re experiencing, you can follow these techniques that I personally use for creating, growing, and establishing my own business: 

Failure doesn't really exist

By this, I mean that failure is simply just judgment and comparison to other people and what they’ve done or created. If you allow yourself to remove the comparisons, you can create anything you want and create anything BEYOND your imagination. By mastering my own fear of failure, I was able to exponentialize my company year-after-year—doubling my income and revenue double, triple, QUADRUPLE and even 10 times each year. I also don’t allow myself to be afraid of me, my success, or the idea of becoming a failure. You know why? Because I consider myself to be a BAD ASS who can do bad ass things. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison will get you NOWHERE, my friend! When you look at other entrepreneurs doing it well, business owners making it big, or thought leaders who have really impacted the world, there can be a huge gap in how you relate yourself to them. This gap can leave you feeling like you will never measure up or be in the same league as them. This type of thinking will have you doubting your expertise, your abilities, and the contribution you are to make on this planet. As long as you allow yourself to level the playing field and put yourself at an equal level as the people you compare yourself to, you will be able to anchor the energy of success ultimately allowing you to step into your own greatness. When I look at myself and my own journey, I notice that my success expanded exponentially when I could see myself at the same level as those other big names. 

Use Your Intuition… Stop Planning!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years, and the one thing that I know for sure is that there is no ONE RIGHT PLAN that will have you succeed. When I started building My Life My Design, I invested in partnerships, online programs, and sales funnels that promised to make me a lot of money. I followed all the directions and learned great things about myself. As an entrepreneur, none of those PLANS brought me the great success that I was looking for. It wasn’t until I left the plan behind and started using my intuition that I was able to find the kind of success that I was striving for. Using your intuition will be the key to how high you fly. Not only will you intuit what your clients want, what your deepest desires are, or what makes you stand out in your industry but when you merge these three things and tune into your intuition, your highest self will be able to guide you to the path of least resistance and the most success

The time to embrace economical changes is NOW. Rather than paralyzing your ideas and not knowing what the next step is, PARALYZE YOUR SELF DOUBT. Paralyze your fear. Paralyze your anxiety. As long as you are aware, grounded, and flexible to the change that surrounds you, you will be able to stay profitable in your business and your clients will see your efforts as pertinent.

About Tamara Ross

Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design. She is a highly sought after Energetics Expert and the creator of the Energetic Self Mastery Program. She not only trains individuals and entrepreneurs to create MORE for themselves and their lives, but also trains individuals to impact others with a certified Energetic Coaching Program.

Tamara’s teachings in energy guides individuals to create lives filled with love, joy, success and balance all while increasing their profits and money flows. She trains people in removing the barriers to their success so they can manifest ANYTHING they desire.

Tamara's expertise has allowed for her to create a house in the mountains and a vacation house on the beach, grow a multiple 6- figure company with a 70% profitability margin, and live a life with no compromises all while positively impacting thousands of individuals world wide.

Tamara Ross

Founder and CEO of My Life My Design