ATTENTION:  Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of SURVIVING and just getting by?
Would you like MORE TIME to

travel or hang with your family?

How would you like to FINALLY move from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE once and for all?   

If you said yes to any of these then you my friend are in the right place.

ATTENTION:  Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of SURVIVING and just getting by?
Would you like MORE TIME to

travel or hang with your family?

How would you like to FINALLY move from
SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE once and for all?   

If you said yes to any of these then you my friend are in the right place.

We begin in just: 


ATTENTION:  Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of SURVIVING and just getting by?

Would you like MORE TIME to

travel or be with your family?


How would you like to FINALLY move from 
SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE once and for all?   

If you said yes to any of these then you my friend are in the right place.

We begin in just: 


From the Desk of Tamara Ross

Almost a decade ago I began my career as a coach.  As a first time business owner I thought, if I could just put in more hours and work harder, my business would grow.  When that didn't work I tried working smarter not harder (because that's what the experts say you should do), and paid lots of money for a team to create sales funnels for me.  And that FLOPPED... BIG TIME! 

So I went back to the basics and what I knew, and kept trucking along to build my business.  I heard experts preach about budgets and tracking systems you could use to "CONTROL" your money, and I started implementing their systems.  I thought if I could track the money, watch the budgets and ALWAYS get the best deal, then I would FINALLY START HAVING MORE OF IT.

Boy was I wrong!

Over the course of a few years I learned how to permanently cut back on my life, my adventure and my loves.  The problem was, I didn't have more money in my account to show for it and my experiences of life were dismal at best.    
Then 3 years ago... Everything Changed! 

When I discovered what I'm about to share with you I went from making only a couple thousand dollars a month in my coaching business to 5 figures a month and finally had my money flows increase.  I have more money now than ever before, and I want to share with you how you too can finally tap into the ABUNDANCE you desire.

If you're on this page I'm guessing you likely fit into one of these categories:

1- You're a Penny Pincher:  You KNOW for a fact that if you cut out the lattes you'll save money.  

You're always looking for a good deal, a discount, or the best way to save.  And, when you're out at a restaurant the first place your eyes go to is the right side of the menu.   

You probably even have a few of those Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons stuffed away in your car door just in case you make it in there.   You've been into Walmart a time or two (or it’s secretly your favorite place).  

The challenge:  You're so wired to look for the best deal it's like it's been ingrained in you, your brain and maybe even your DNA.  But by skimping and cutting out your lattes are you actually getting the thing you want?  I mean you really what you really want is MORE MONEY, don't you?   You're being cheap so that you can ultimately splurge later... But does your LATER ever really come?  

I mean it hasn't come yet...has it?  

2 ~ BUDGET KEEPER: You know exactly what you can and can’t spend each month and you know exactly what you need to make to keep everything smooth sailing.  Your spreadsheet is your best friend, and there are times you check that thing more than you call your Momma.  

You rarely spend outside of it, and if you do, hyperventilation may follow. The end of the month can feel like someone has a bag over your head. You’ve said no to invites from your friends and stayed home to binge watch Netflix more times than you'd care to admit because there was no more money left.

The challenge:  You're no longer in the driver's seat of your own life..  You're budget is.  It's dictating who, when and where!  And if you've come to the end of the month, most likely you're locked down on all fronts!

3 ~ BLIND SPENDER:  Your money flows turn into money woes.  You buy what you want when you want it, and think nothing of it at the time.  You make plenty of money, but at the end of the year you look back and aren't any closer to your financial goals.  To you, budgets and tracking systems are the worst idea in the world, or really make NO SENSE at all.  I mean if you have to "track" your fun (I mean your spending) how much FUN would that actually be?  

When your bills are due you're stressed to the max because you have no idea how you are actually going to pay them, I mean you've already spent all the money you made.  And the worst is when you get a reminder from your friendly utility company in one of those colorful envelopes, like a beacon of light shining on all your deficiencies.  

The challenge:  No matter how much money you make, your savings account is almost non-existent and although people think you've made it, you secretly feel inadequate.  Because you have no idea where your money goes you're clear at this rate you'll be working until the day you die. 

Regardless of the category you fit in, if you want MORE MONEY, to have freedom to choose and have the things you REALLY WANT, and to finally experience a life of abundance that you know is out there... then what you discover on this page will change everything for you. 

I’ve been where you are and I know I can help.  

After all, I was good at clipping coupons, following my budgets and watching what I spent it.  I mean Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman were my very own GURUS.  I thought if I could just follow what these other money masters had to say, I would FINALLY BE FREE.  But the truth is I struggled. 

I struggled to change my mindset, make more money, have my business grow and increase my savings account.  I felt inadequate, unable to create great things and to be honest I wasn’t having much fun in life.

And the biggest problem was – all I really WANTED was to experience all life has to offer.  It actually wasn’t about the money for me.  I wanted to feel fulfilled and confident in my ability to create, to choose the upgrades when I wanted them and to have the universe have my back.

Then I found the secrets to manifesting and actualizing more money.  It came to me after I began working with my spiritual teacher who taught me the basics of energetics.  I actually became more obsessed than I realized, but eventually I was tapping into THE ENERGETICS OF MONEY and how it worked.  

My ability to tap into THE ENERGETICS OF MONEY was the key to me having access to everything I desired in life.  The best part of it was being able to share the tools and techniques with my clients.  BUT sadly…

There's a lot of misinformation about money, what it takes to make more, have more and create more (a lesson I learned the hard way) and if you keep going about it the wrong way, you'll struggle too.  

I don’t want that for you.  I don’t want you to be stuck in a pattern of “pinching your pennies” or “keeping your budgets,” or “blind spending” so much so you're stressed at the end of every month.

And while it's my greatest gift to have people be able to experience and create massive change with their money situation...

The most important first step I teach any of my clients is to first 
Master the Energetics of Money. 


Imagine if you could: 

  • Choose the things you want to choose and do the things you want to do knowing that you will ALWAYS have enough money.
  • Stop the yoyo cycle of getting money and then being BROKE and stressed... for good!
  • Break out of the poverty mindset and scarcity patterns once and for all! 
  • Confidently KNOW you can create more money, wealth and abundance ANYTIME you want.
  • Never again feel BROKE, INADEQUATE or like a FAILURE because of your money situation.
  • Never again judge yourself for your money woes and how it's gone, because you'll be receiving more than you ever have. 

That's what Mastering the Energetics of Money can do for you! 


"My income has nearly doubled."

"Since following Tamara's coaching my income has nearly doubled. Her advice is always charismatic and inventive and she supports and draws out the gold in you. She's an extraordinary listener full of intuition, intelligence and love."

Aria Raphael 
Alignment and Self Actualization Coach

Here's what Mastering the Energetics of Money IS and What it's NOT 

What Mastering the Energetics of Money

  • Mastering the Energetics of Money is not a new fangled way to track your money with spread sheets and counters so that you can follow your budgets and meet your daily, monthly and yearly allowances. 
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money is not a system of cutting back on your expenditures and the things you really enjoy like your daily lattes or your upcoming vacation.
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money is NOT a series of training videos to teach you about investments, investing and or the next new get rich quick scheme. 
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money is NOT a training structure to change your business model to the newest and best-est processes out there. 

What Mastering the Energetics of Money IS: 

  • Mastering the Energetics of Money takes all the juiciness you want to experience in life and energetically makes it possible for you, so that your cash flows and bank accounts increase. 
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money will have you tap into your innate ability to create more wealth for yourself so that you never have to worry about your money or finances again.
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money will have you stop thinking about abundance as some conceptual topic that you've read about, but have you actually experience it in your life. 
  • Mastering the Energetics of Money involves changing your energy, the energy around you and pulling you out of the sea of scarcity that EVERYONE seems to be swimming in, so that you can FINALLY live in the abundance you are meant to experience.

So how exactly do you Master the Energetics of Money in a way that has you FOREVER alter your money situation and NEVER feel anxious about money again?  

I'll show you! 


Imagine for a moment what your life could be like if in just a few short weeks you could transform your money situation for good.  

You are no longer stressed about spending, buying or paying bills.  You are bringing in more money and ARE experiencing abundance and having IT ALL and you've finally tapped into the secret that wealthy people aren't talking about....

Within weeks you could be working LESS and making WAY MORE MONEY!

That's what mastering the energetics of money will do for you!


"I made $168k in commission in one day..."

"Since working with Tamara, I earned $168k in commission in one day, more than any previous year total."

Melissa Gabriel 
Real Estate Broker Ascension Real Estate Group LLC

If you think you have to own a special kind of business or be an entrepreneur to have money miracles happen, then think again! 

The first time I facilitated a money course, my clients had PHENOMENAL results. One client received a $40,000 check, another received a $50,000 check!  Yet another won over $500 playing a slot machine on vacation, which paid for the entire trip!

These outcomes didn't happen because my clients were working harder, hustling more or because they shifted their mindset.  They happened because they fully committed to themselves, the program and Mastering the Energetics of Money.

When you say yes to this program, I wonder how much more money will come to you?

Mastering the Energetics of Money will guide you through a systematic approach to have you create MORE ABUNDANCE in your life and leave behind the limitations of scarcity and lack once and for all.  

Here are the steps I'll take you through... 

Module One: Clear

CLEARING YOUR MONEY CACA: Get rid of everything that's keeping you from MO' money.

Release your money limitations and clear the scarcity energy that's been keeping you from all the abundance and wealth you desire.  If you think the the reason you haven't been able to create and have more money is because there's something wrong with you... Then think again my friend! 

  • Discover exactly what’s been keeping you from having more money, experiencing wealth and fully stepping into abundance.  You'll be looking at the limitations from society, your family and other characteristics you have adopted.  
  • Learn my top clearing tools to clear the ALL the caca that is keeping you from LOTS of money.  You'll clear the money limitations you've received from your family, your lineage, yourself and society.
  • Rise above society's limitations of what you can create, how much money you can make, where it can come from and how you have to do it.

Module Two: Align

ENERGETICS OF ATTRACTION:  How to have money come to you.   

Tap into your power to have and BE money.  If you've ever manifested a parking spot or really anything at all, you can manifest MORE MONEY, and this is where I show you how.  

  • Stop chasing money, hustling and working so damn hard.  Leave behind all the places you are struggling, stressed or afraid.
  • Discover what you desire most with NO limitation and experience the EASE that more money brings and your truest nature... ABUNDANCE.
  • Learn a new way to attain your goals without working so hard and actually enjoy the process.  

Module Three: Create

ENERGETICS OF Money power:  How to attain your money goals in a surprisingly new way.

Learn how to co-create with the universe to make more, have more and attain more with MORE EASE.  If you've been hustling to 'getter done' you've been doing it wrong!

  • Learn exactly what it will take to attain your BIG money goals and why they haven't happened YET.  If you think we're talking working harder, YOU'RE WRONG.
  • Discover how to use the laws of ask and receive to finally experience TRUE abundance and BIG money opportunities. 
  • Create new money possibilities you have yet to imagine.

Module Four: Inuit

Be money magic:  Experience the magic of the universe and your power to have more. 

Learn how to use your intuition to create more money in your business, in your life or where ever else it wants to show up.

  • Discover what kind of psychic you are, how you receive your intuition and learn how to have it make you more money.  
  • Eliminate 80 % of your "to dos" and discover how doing LESS can actually bring you more money and more financial success. 
  • Learn how to make the RIGHT decisions that keep you on the path to wealth, financial independence and more money.

Module Five: Trust

Mastering the energetics of abundance:  Exponentialize your monies and increase your cash flows. 

Once you've learned the energetic basics in regards to money, you'll be able to expand any money goal you have.

  • Finally be free of the stress of making more money, having more money and attracting more money.
  • Become your own money guru.
  • Manifest, Create and Actualize the sh*t out of your life. 


"Within the next 6 months, I can expect to make more money than I have ever made."

"I received a million dollar listing, that also converted into an additional purchase.  My business opportunities have basically gotten to a level that they have never been, and it is all because of the inner work I have done through Tamara’s facilitation.  It has literally been life changing.  Within the next 6 months, I can expect to make more money than I have ever made, have more clients than I have ever had, and best of all, love myself in a way that I never knew was possible."

Laura Gilsdorf 
Tremont Realty Group

Each module consists of 3 main components... 

#1.  Recorded energetics training videos with yours truly.  We'll dive into the module together to set the intention for the training and make sure you get all your questions answered.  I'll go in-depth to ensure no stone is left unturned.  Calls are recorded for your convenience, so that if you can't make one or want to review them later you can.

#2.  Recorded Q & A/ Facilitation video calls of past participants receiving LIVE facilitation for all their burning questions.  The best part of the group facilitation style is that even when you don't have questions, someone always asks something that's relevant for you!

#3.  Energetics training guides.  Each training topic comes with a workbook, so you can follow along and do the processes associated with each module.  

Just imagine saying to yourself...
"WOW! I never knew money could be this easy!"


"I actually have had the best two months of my Career."

"Tamara’s coaching is nothing short of making magic happen in my business. When I started with Tamara I was wanting to grow my business the only way I knew how. That was by setting goals and adopting what my industry says is the way to grow my business. Making a certain amount of calls, going to networking events and being busy in my business.

At the beginning of the year I was frustrated that I was not closing the business that I was wanting.

Recently, I went on a two week holiday. Instead of babysitting my business I decided to enjoy my time away and trust what I have been creating would actually manifest into closed business. Guess what, not only did me stepping out and allowing this to happen create more business I actually have had the best two months of my career.

It was almost counter intuitive... the more I stopped controlling how I thought it should look the more success I began to experience.

Tamara’s ability to have me look at my business as a true partnership has allowed my business to expand and grow to new places that I know anyone can experience. The coolest part of it all is that it is way easier than I could have ever imagined."

Kelley Sanders American Pacific Mortgage


Yes Tamara, I am ready to Master the Energetics of Money, and I understand I will receive:

Mastering the Energetics of Money Program

  • 5  Energetic Money Mastery Training Calls ($1,375 Value)
  • 5  Q&A Energetic Money Facilitation Calls  ($1,375 Value)
  • 5 Mastering the Energetics of Money Training Guides ($197 Value)
  • Downloadable recordings of All calls ($97 Value)
  • Lifetime access to the materials online ($297) 
  • Lifetime access to the private Mastering the Energetics of Money community on Facebook ($97 Value)

Total Value:  $3,438 

3 monthly payments of 



"We are 40% ahead in sales this year..."

"We are on track to grow our client base by over 30% this year. Our average monthly ticket per client has gone up by 45%.  We started to specialize in a particular vertical this year and we are on track to pick up at least 15 new clients in that vertical this year which is an 80% increase over last year.  We are 40% ahead in sales this year to date over last year at this time.  We have already exceeded our gross revenue from last year and we have 3.5 more months of the year still to go."

Gayle Goldman 
Owner at Thrive Business Services LLC.