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"I've given up 'making a living' and started just doing what I love, which is serving and supporting others. Money is rolling in, so I let it come! I've allowed myself to really trust and walk the path - just being in the process and not doubting it. It's the most precious thing I can have right now - not being in fear, allowing myself to clear, and using the tools. "

RHINNY NGAU  // Psychic Coach

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MARISA MOLINA  //  Health Coach


Almost a decade ago, I began my career as a life coach and first time business owner.  I was making $1,500 and thought, if I could just put in more hours and work harder, my business would grow!  I followed other plans, systems and structures, but none of that seemed to work. It wasn't until I learned this ONE THING that EVERYTHING changed! Not just for my business... but for my clients as well!   

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