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LET ME show you that the HUSTLE is a LIE, and what it takes to work less play more and make way more money... Without all the hustle, struggle and strife!

In this FREE series YOU'LL learn: 

  • How to have new clients come to you as if by magic.  You can finally get rid of those annoying sales funnels that aren't actually working for you and grow your business YOUR WAY!
  • The simple technique that will eliminate 80% of your todos while actually increasing your profits and money flows. 
  • What to do when you're business stagnates and you FEEL like you are stuck. Spoiler, you aren't actually stuck my friend!  
  • Become the kind of Entrepreneur that ACTUALLY makes the money, the impact and STILL has the freedom to enjoy the life you are creating.  

Within the first month of Tamara's program I increased my business by 33%.

Gayle Goldman - Entrepreneur and Small Business Advisor

I went from having NO closings for 5 months to closing two deals in 1 day.

Laura Gilsdorf - Real Estate Agent

After being in Tamara's program for 1 month, I brought in 4 times the number of clients (more than all last year) without DOING any MORE WORK.

Theresia Radtke - Nutrition Expert


  • 10-topic specific facilitations to walk you through how to apply the energetic laws of manifestation and attraction to your business, money and success.   
  • Private online access to ALL the recorded facilitations for you to come back to anytime you need. 

Hi, I'm Tamara Ross and

I currently take about 5 months or more off every year, I work less than 20 hours a week and spend most of my time chilling with my family or traveling with them.  

My company revenue is currently in the multiple 6-figure status and will hit the 7-figure mark in 2020.  But none of this happened with following other people's structures, systems or business plans.  It took about a decade of training and practice to learn how to use energy to manifest with total ease. 

Inside of the paradigm of HARD WORK and HUSTLE  you CAN'T Manifest and DO LESS.  But I'm living proof that #THEHUSTLEISALIE, and in this FREE training I will show you how to manifest the growth that you're out to achieve in your own business.

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