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Live without Limitation!

Discover the 3 biggest limitations that are keeping you stuck, spinning your wheels and living in the past of what was!

Own Your Gifts!

Reveal that one thing you do better than anyone else & learn how to create a business and life you love from your SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE!

Leverage Your Passion!

Learn how to package your unique offerings and give it to others in such a way that people are excited to work with you! 

If you’ve ever wondered, "Is it possible to make money doing what I love?" or “How can I turn my passion into a business?” This class is for you!

"Working with Tamara has literally been the best money I have ever spent. Every area of my life is shifting, things are getting created with more ease, and I am making more money. I cannot wait to see what else can get created!"

Ashley Strickland

"During my year of working with Tamara, I sold a business, started a new business, grew an IG account to over 10k in 3 months, moved, lost 30 lbs, stopped living to work and found my partner. Coincidence? I think not! If you are looking for straight forward, uncommon, but practical tools and coaching that you can use for the rest of your life to create anything you want, you're in the right place."

Katie McCarthy

"I came in with the feeling of scarcity and fear, especially about money. I ended up feeling the next evolution within myself and trusting that everything is happening in it's time and I am part of the flow."

Clarissa Fugazzotto

You have a purpose... 

It's time you share it with the world and live the life you were meant to live!

About Tamara

Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design.  She is a highly sought after Energetics Expert who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs create more money, cash flow and opportunity in their companies.  She is the creator of the Energetic Self Mastery program where she not only trains individuals and entrepreneurs to create MORE for themselves and their lives, she also trains individuals to impact others with a certified MLMD energetic coaching program.  


Tamara’s expertise in working with energy allows individuals to create lives filled with love, enjoyment, success and balance all while increasing their profits and money flows.  She trains people in removing the barriers to their success so they can manifest ANYTHING they desire. 

Tamara's expertise has allowed for her to retire her husband, grow a multiple 6-figure company with a 70% profitability margin while positively impacting thousands of individuals world wide. 

Tamara Ross

CEO and Founder of My Life My Design
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