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It's time you discover how to use the energetic laws of manifestation to create more success, abundance, and the life of your dreams in the new year!

Attention: Creators, Manifestors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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 “I haven’t experienced these teaching as so straight forward and organized.  It’s awesome!” -Madi Hoang 

You'll Learn!

  • Exactly what energy IS, how to work with it and how to tune into what’s happening energetically with ANYTHING.
  • My one simple technique that will change the outcome of any situation and have it go exactly the way you want... as if by magic!
  • How to know exactly what’s happening at any given moment and where you are headed, so that you can instantly course correct before things go awry.
  • The number one tool you need to create boatloads of success in 2020 and beyond.  When you do this, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

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  • Live facilitation and training from Expert Tamara Ross to have you Manifest More in the new year.
  • 3 hours of dedicated attention to your specific goals, vision and achievements for the new year, in a low stress, low intensity retreat environment.
  • 2 Special bonuses for all attendees that will ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to move BEYOND your current goals in 2020

Not sure if energy work is for you?  Do you think...

"I'm too logical and REALISTIC for this woo woo stuff."   OR are you worried that... 

"I'll probably just SELF Sabotage what we create anyway..."  OR  are you set that...

"I'm really just not interested in TRYING ONE MORE THING!"

If that's the case, then trust me... I GOT YOU!  

I've worked with SCIENTISTS, ENGINEERS and the BIGGEST SKEPTICS.  If you're willing to be open, then I promise I'll show you a better way!

Meet Tamara Ross

Tamara is a business success coach, a money coach, a speaker, and an energetics expert. After almost a decade of supporting her clients to create ANYTHING they want in their businesses and lives, she's sharing with you everything you need to know to master the energetic laws of manifestation!  

In case you were wondering, she currently works about 20 hours a week, has a multiple 6 figure business, is the sole breadwinner for her family, and spends most of her time playing and traveling with her husband and daughter. 

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2020 is upon us, and the energy culminating is no joke.  If you aren't already set up to manifest EVERYTHING you want next year with total ease... then you don't want to miss this!