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And finally live the life you were meant to LIVE!

If You're...

A Business Owner

Hustling to grow your company, working 50+ hours a week just to break even at the end of the month.  And, you really want to attract more clients and more money but you just can't seem to figure out what's missing.

An Entrepreneur

Looking to increase your money flows and finally hit 6-7 figures. If you know there's a better way to do this "work" thing and earn money but you're not quite sure what's missing.

or A Creator

Wanting to make great money doing what you love instead of spending time on that side job that barely pay the bills.  Or you're craving a passionate life where you can leave your money troubles in the past and just LIVE.

Then this is for you!

What if I told you that MONEY doesn't actually work the way we've been taught. 

The old system wants you to save for what you want, work harder and put in more hours.  While that can get move the needle a bit, this mindset is not going to have you to reach your biggest goals and dreams.  Because the truth is, if you are working in an old system, an old structure, and an old paradigm, then you're bound to produce the same old things.  

But, if you want the BIG change you're looking for, you have to move out of the old and INTO THE NEW!  

When you IGNITE your MONEY MASTERY you will:

  • Tap into your ability to create more wealth so that you never have to worry about money or finances again.
  • Fully use and integrate the 5 ENERGETIC MASTERY pillars to master the laws of attraction so that you can create ANYTHING you desire.
  • Stop thinking about abundance as some conceptual topic that you've read about, but haven't actually experienced in your day-to-day life.
  • Learn how to stop breaking even each month and instead operate from abundance and growth, finally exceeding your Financial Goals.
  • See the big picture of how everything is connected and working in your favor to give you what you are fully aligned in.
  • Learn how to use your intuition to know if a purchase WILL bring you more money now and/or in the future; rather than relying on your calculations and limitations to figure things out. 
  • Manage your money with ease: Quit the stress of budgeting in order to step into the flow and freedom that a wealth mindset brings.
  • Become a money magnet and have money flow to you from different sources with ease as if by magic!

In this program you WILL NOT:

  • Skip nights out with your friends and budget your life away, while diminishing the things that bring you joy.
  • Create a budget, payoff your credit cards, commit to spending less and saving more, limit your choices, try to become debt free, to then begin growing a savings account that you'll use some day one day when someone says it's okay. 
  • Learn how to check your bank account before making every decision, ultimately giving your bank account the the power of your decisions.
  • Compromise the things you really love just because they're out of your budget. 
  • Learn where to find coupons, the best deals, which subscriptions to get rid of, and only buy when it meets some sort of criteria someone made up.

It's time you expand your wealth, prosperity, and abundance 

Let me show you the secrets the experts aren’t teaching you!

famous life coach tamara ross at life coach certification program my life my design

Hi there, My name is Tamara,

And 13 years ago, I began my career as a coach and first time business owner.  At the beginning I was stuck in a cycle of thinking that if I worked more, put in more hours and learned all the marketing trainings my business and company would grow... It didn't. 

So then I tried working smarter...not harder (because that's what the experts say you should do!). I paid a team of experts handsomely to take marketing and sales off my plate...  and that flopped big time!  I wasted a lot of money trying to do it the way others said I should.

I learned how to cut back on my life, my adventures, and my passions. The problem was, I didn't have more money in my account to show for it and my experience of life was disappearing.  

I started working with ENERGY, learning the energetics of money, and applying the principles I'm going to show you in this course.  After that I went from making $1,500 a month to 6 figures, pulling myself out of $80k of debt and then becoming a millionaire. I no longer stress about money.

  • I work 20-30 hours a week.  
  • I spend ALL the time I want with my favorite people.  
  • I live a vacation lifestyle.
  • I live in the house of my dreams in an exclusive neighborhood in the mountains of Colorado.
  • I travel when and where I want.
  • I have a personal assistant that rocks (she wrote that) hehehe. 
  • I eat out when and where I want and buy organic.
  • I shop at high end stores. 
  • My walk in closet has a dedicated section for my designer shoes and ball gowns.
  • And I drive a Mercedes that I LOVE!!!

But it's not just about the money... When you learn these principles you'll find you have more time freedom, less stress and you'll be living in the abundance that you KNOW is your birthright! 

Let me show you how! 

What Other money masters have created...

"Working with Tamara has literally been the best money I have ever spent. Every area of my life is shifting, things are getting created with more ease, and I am making more money. I cannot wait to see what else can get created!"

Ashley Strickland

"Since working with Tamara, I earned $168K in commission in ONE DAY, more than any previous year total!"

Melissa Gabriel

"Before working with Tamara, I was deeply in debt and was struggling to build a business. Tamara’s approach gave me access to finally heal the patterns that had been holding me back and as a result, my life is transformed. My husband and I have paid off tens of thousands of dollars, new clients regularly show up in my business, and we are receiving money in so many more ways than we ever thought possible!"

Clarissa Fugazzotto

The Igniting Your

Money Mastery Training


Module 1: Money Mastery Foundation

Set your intentions for what you want to get out of this program, how you want it to go, and your intentions for your next 10 weeks. YOU have the power to create what you want... This is where it starts! 


Module 2: Money Future Freedom

Release your money limitations and clear the energy that's been keeping you from all the abundance and wealth you desire. You'll learn the 3 most powerful tools to get to the root of your money blocks and you'll clear those blocks once and for all!


Module 3: Money Reality NOW

Experience the magic of abundance and wealth in real time.  If you've ever manifested a parking spot, a green light, or really anything at all, you can manifest MORE MONEY.  Trust me when I say, it's easier than you think to have money show up for you with more ease and velocity than you have yet to experience, and this is where I show you how!


Module 4: Money Beyond Limitations

Learn how to co-create with the universe to make more, have more, and attain more with EASE. Learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" and the "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in surpassing your money goals and finally achieve what you've been working so hard for.  If you've been hustling and working harder to 'get it done', this is where we leave all of that behind and tap into the magic of manifesting!


Module 5: Ease with Money Choices

Discover how to use your intuition to create more money in your business, in your life, and everywhere else it wants to come to you. You'll learn the secret to eliminating 80 % of your "to-dos" and discover how doing LESS can actually bring you more money and more financial success. Discover how to make the best decisions for YOU that keep you on the path to wealth and abundance.


Module 6: Money Flows Accelerated

They say trust its all working out, but that is easier said than done.  You'll clear the blocks keeping you from fully trusting and finally embrace your infinite capacity to know that Universe/Source/God has your back.  When you finally master this, ANYTHING is possible!


Module 7: Money Mastery Ignited

Reflect on everything you've learned inside of this course to see what has actually shifted in your reality! Discover what has changed in your money game and how you have grown over the past few weeks. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll gain immediate access to an online library that is certain to change your life and how you relate to money.  

Each training module comes with the following

Online and Printable Workbook 

Each module is filled with unique distinction, exercises and self reflections to illuminate, guide and expand your journey with money and wealth.  Whether you're an online learner or like things printed and in your hand, we've got you.

Training Videos of Each Module

Some people learn best with audio, some with written work and some with video.  Each module has all three so you can immerse yourself in the content the way that works best for you.  So sit back, hit play and dive in to your trainings and let's see what we can change together.

Audio Recordings of Each Training Module 

If you do a lot of driving or would rather integrate your learning while walking or some other activity, then tap into the magic of each module with your headphones on.  Each time you re-listen to a training I guarantee you will hear something different.  So don't miss out on the quantum leap you could be making.  Just press play. 

Audio and Video Recordings of our group LIVE Facilitation Calls.

10 LIVE Facilitation calls were hosted during the original training.  Participants were able to ask and receive coaching on what they were dealing with and what they wanted to move.  I am certain you will find many valuable moments in these calls.  They are THE bonus that might just make THE difference.

What would it be like to finally...

  • Choose the vacations, nights out, and live the life of luxury you want knowing you will ALWAYS have enough money?
  • Stop the cycle of breaking even each month and start having more than you need?  
  • Break out of the scarcity mindset once and for all and create wealth like never before?
  • Step into flow and freedom with your finances instead of being restricted by your bank account?
  • Confidently manage your money without fear or doubt in your field?

Melissa Ternes Life Coach for My Life My Design

"I’ve read the books, taken the courses, gotten the certifications and done TONS of work with clients around money.  Tamara’s philosophy of money mastery is like nothing I’ve seen anywhere, EVER!  Her approach is simple to put into practice and yields results that last!  In just 3 months, I've brought in the annual income I made ALL last year AND I’ve worked way less. I have such ease in my business and in my life. I’ve let go of having to hustle and work hard. There are tons of people that will teach you the strategic part of money, some people that will teach you about the mindset of money, but Tamara trains you in the energetics of money at a deep and transformational level!"

Melissa Ternes

-Wealth and Abundance Coach-

Life coach Gwyneth Spinden

"Though I’d previously dug deep into law of attraction and manifestation (or rather, thought I did), I found something much deeper and truer in Tamara’s training. I decided to test it out - I wanted $15,000 to come in from sources I wasn’t already getting money from (business/job/child support). I used her tools and within 6 months more than $16k had come in, from entirely other sources!"

Gywneth Spinden

-Network Marketing VP-

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