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If You're...

A Business Owner

Hustling to grow your company, working 50+ hours a week just to break even at the end of the month. If you want to attract more clients and more money but can't seem to figure out how...

An Entreprenuer

Looking to increase your money flows and finally hit 6 (or 7!) figures. If you know there's a better way to do this "work" thing and earn money but don't know how to do it... 

A Creator 

Wanting to make more money doing what you love instead of spending time on that side job that helps pay the bills. If you crave a passionate life where you can forget your money troubles and just LIVE...

This Course is for You!

Hi, I'm Tamara!

Almost a decade ago, I began my career as a coach and first time business owner. I thought, if I could just put in more hours and work harder, my business would grow! When that didn't work, I tried working smarter...not harder (because that's what the experts say you should do!). I paid a team of experts handsomely to take marketing and sales off my plate...and that flopped big time!

Over the next few years, I learned how to permanently cut back on my life, my adventures, and my passions. The problem was, I didn't have more money in my account to show for it and my experience was dismal at best.  

When I discovered the energetics of money, I went from making only $1500 a month to a 6 figure status and finally had my money flows increase. I have more money now than ever before and I'm here to share how you too can finally tap into the abundance you desire!

If You Want to...

  • Choose the vacations, nights out, and life of luxury you want knowing you will ALWAYS have enough money
  • Stop the cycle of breaking even each month and start creating more than you need  
  • Break out of the scarcity mindset once and for all to create wealth like never before
  • Step into flow and freedom with your finances instead of being restricted by your bank account
  • Confidently manage your finances without fear or doubt in your field

Then Join Me to Ignite Your Money Mastery!

Igniting Your Money Mastery WILL HAVE YOU: 

  • Quit compromising the things you really love just because they're out of your budget 
  • Create a life of freedom and ease rather than being tied to the number in your bank account  
  • Tap into your innate ability to create more wealth so that you never have to worry about money or finances
  • Stop thinking about abundance as some conceptual topic that you've read about, but have you actually experience it day in and day out

Igniting Your Money Mastery WILL NOT

  • Have you budget your life away with daily, weekly and monthly allowances that limit your joy and budget your experiences
  • Make you cut back on expenditures like your daily lattes or your upcoming vacation
  • Be the next get rich quick scheme that doesn't leave you with the lasting results you desire
  • Train you to change your business model to the newest and best processes out there that leave you always searching for the next best thing that you don't have

Other Participants have created...

"Since following Tamara's coaching, my income has nearly doubled. Her advice is always charismatic and inventive and she supports and draws out the gold in you. She's an extraordinary listener full of intuition, intelligence and love."

Aria Raphael

Alignment and Self Actualization Coach

"Instead of babysitting my business, I decided to take a 2 week vacation and trust what I have been creating would actually manifest into closed business. Not only did me stepping out create more for my business, I actually have had the best two months of my career. It was almost counter intuitive... the more I stopped controlling how I thought it should look, the more success I began to experience. The coolest part of it all is that it is way easier than I could have ever imagined!"

Kelly Sanders

American Pacific Mortgage

"Since working with Tamara, I earned $168k in commission in ONE DAY, more than any previous year total!"

Melissa Gabriel

Real Estate Agent

Here's What You Get...

7 Energetic Training Modules

Each module includes video, audio, and workbook trainings to move at your own pace over your 10 week period. You'll receive over 80 PAGES worth of training, transformation and education to guide you in manifesting your next money revolution! Learn by the method that works best for you and access from any device! 

10 Money Mastery Calls

Each Thursday at 12:00 pm MT, Tamara and Head Coach Laura will host a LIVE 90-min Money Mastery Call where you can ask your burning questions and dive deeper into the training! Calls are recorded for your convenience so if you can't make one or want to review them later, you can!

Money Multiplier Community

Included in the tuition of your program, you'll be paired with a small group of participants led by a trained My Life My Design Energetic Mastery Coach.  This is your chance to create a community with other expansive, wealth minded individuals that have your back in creating the future you really desire! Receive individualized coaching around anything you may be moving through personally and connect with your tribe.

The Modules...


Module 1: Money Mastery Foundation

Set your intentions for what you want to get out of this program, how you want it to go, and your intentions for your next 10 weeks. YOU have the power to create what you want... This is where it starts!

Immediate Access Upon Registration!


Module 2: Money Future Freedom

Release your money limitations and clear the energy that's been keeping you from all the abundance and wealth you desire. You'll learn the 3 most powerful tools to get to the root of your money blocks and you'll clear those blocks once and for all!

Start Now!


Module 3: Money Reality NOW

Experience the magic of abundance and wealth in real time.  If you've ever manifested a parking spot, a green light, or really anything at all, you can manifest MORE MONEY.  Trust me when I say, it's easier than you think to have money show up for you with more ease and velocity than you have yet to experience, and this is where I show you how!

Begins May 3rd


Module 4: Money Beyond Limitations

Learn how to co-create with the universe to make more, have more, and attain more with EASE. Learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" and the "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in surpassing your money goals and finally achieve what you've been working so hard for.  If you've been hustling and working harder to 'get it done', this is where we leave all of that behind and tap into the magic of manifesting!

Begins May 17th


Module 5: Ease with Money Choices

Discover how to use your intuition to create more money in your business, in your life, and everywhere else it wants to come to you. You'll learn the secret to eliminating 80 % of your "to-dos" and discover how doing LESS can actually bring you more money and more financial success. Discover how to make the best decisions for YOU that keep you on the path to wealth and abundance.

Begins May 31st


Module 6: Money Flows Accelerated

They say trust its all working out, but that is easier said than done.  You'll clear the blocks keeping you from fully trusting and finally embrace your infinite capacity to know that Universe/Source/God has your back.  When you finally master this, ANYTHING is possible!

Begins June 14th


Module 7: Money Mastery Ignited

Reflect on everything you've learned inside of this course to see what has actually shifted in your reality! Discover what has changed in your money game and how you have grown over the past few weeks. 

Begins June 21st


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If You're Tired of...

  • Building your savings account and feeling like you can never touch it
  • Desiring a life of freedom and luxury yet never reaching it fully
  • Working more and more hours and not seeing your bank account grow 
  • Stressing out at month's end trying to ensure your expenses, debts and savings are taken care of

Then it's Time to

Master the Money Game!