Attention: business owners and entrepreneurs

STOP the HUSTLE and 
HARD WORK forever!

Join me during this
Energetics of Money Training Series!

Attention: business owners and entrepreneurs 

Stop the Hustle and HARD WORK forever!

Join me for this FREE training to have you Work Less, Play More and make WAY MORE MONEY!

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If you've tried systems, budgets and cutting back on your lattes in order to create more money... But, in the end seem to be WORKING HARDER and HUSTLING MORE without ACTUALLY making any more money, then you my friend are in the right place!!   

If you are looking for MORE FREEDOM and MORE ABUNDANCE then join me for my 3 day training that will turn your money woes into money flows!  

What's covered during THE 3 DAYS:

  • Day 1:  HOW MONEY WORKS:  We'll dive into the basics of energetics in regards to your business and money flows.  I'll show you the secrets to EXACTLY how it all works.... You'll want to pay attention because I find that 99% of the people who start working with me really don't know how their money energy and business energy is actually working together.  This is the #1 thing that enabled a client of mine to completely stop working on her business all together but still bring in 4 times as many partners in her business than any previous year.
  • Day 2:  MONEY MAGIC:  Discover the secret ingredient to creating more success, and more wealth in your business and EVERY WHERE in life.  You could try new systems, implement new business plans but NEVER see a return if this one thing isn't tended to. This ONE THING that had my client have a 6-figure day.  She made more money in one day than she did any previous year.  And more than doubled her annual income.  All without putting in ANY EXTRA HOURS in her business.
  • Day 3:  ABUNDANT CREATIONS: Learn how to create beyond what only you can imagine, and finally stop playing small with your business and your money opportunities.  I'll show you how to expand your impact, your money, your contribution and your experiences.  Once you learn this final piece you'll have a clear path to create and choose everything you want.  In this part of the training I'm going to show you how my client took a vacation for 2 weeks to Europe without taking her laptop and closed more deals than she had in any previous year. That vacation allowed her to have her 3 best consecutive months.


"My income has nearly doubled."

"Since following Tamara's coaching my income has nearly doubled. Her advice is always charismatic and inventive and she supports and draws out the gold in you. She's an extraordinary listener full of intuition, intelligence and love."

Aria Raphael 
Alignment and Self Actualization Coach

You'll also LEARN:

  • Why wealthy people STAY RICH and how you can tap into that ENERGY right NOW.  This is the secret that most wealthy people don't even know they are doing! 
  • The number one thing hurting your money flow and what you can do today to ACTUALLY RECEIVE MORE MONEY. 
  • How to finally BREAK OUT of the poverty mindset and scarcity patterns once and for all! 

Meet Tamara Ross

Tamara is a business success coach, a money coach, a speaker and an energetics expert. After years of working with the energy of her clients' businesses she found the key ingredients needed to support them in working less, playing more and making way more money!  In case you were wondering, she currently works about 20 hours a week, has a multiple 6 figure business, is the sole bread winner for her family and spends most of her time playing and traveling with her husband and daughter.  

Want more MONEY?  
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The most important first step I teach all of my clients when they are wanting to create more, increase their cash flows or to have more financial freedom is to first understand the Energetics of Money. Join me for this 3 day event and discover the secrets to you having it ALL