November 15-17th, Denver, CO

November  15-17th, Denver, CO

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Attention: Entrepreneurs and Business owners!  

Are you tired of hustling and burning it at both ends trying to MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN?  

Do you feel like deep down there's a better way to do business WITHOUT all the struggle, worry and confusion?  

What if I could show you how to apply the energetic LAWS OF MANIFESTATION and ATTRACTION to exponentialize your business results so that you could finally Work LESS, Play MORE and Make Way MORE MONEY?

Just Imagine... 

Waking up in the morning and easing into your day.  No urgent emails, no crazy breakdowns and no pull to get on your phone to see how things are going, because you know for a fact everything is running smoothly.  

You sip your cup of coffee while watching life wake up around you and you can't believe how easy everything seems to fall into place for you.  There are no urgent company issues to tend to and you no longer stress over a 3 page to do list.  

This is a complete 180 from where you were, and even as you read this right now you mostly think what I'm describing  is a PIPE DREAM.  Even if it isn't, this certainly is not what success looks like, because you know for a fact that SUCCESS, MONEY AND IMPACT can only come from the hustle, following a tightly laid plan and completing that to do list you mull over every day.     

Well Think again my friend!  

The secrets to attaining the success you desire have nothing to do with HARD WORK or HUSTLE, it actually has to do with your ability to master the energetic laws of manifestation, attraction and creation.  

Let me show you what I mean...

The example I just gave you is how I start my day most everyday (well that is unless I'm getting a snuggle or a pounce from my rambunctious 3 year old who's ready to rock and roll).  

I currently take about 5 months or more off every year, I work less than 20 hours a week and spend most of my time chilling with my family or traveling with them.  

My company revenue is currently in the multiple 6-figure status and will hit the 7-figure mark in 2020.  But none of this happened with following other people's structures, systems or business plans. My success has only arisen because of my ability to surrender to mastering the energetics of my own business and self. Let me be honest with you for a moment...  I wasn't always great at doing less, not only did I SUCK at it, it took about a decade of training and practice to learn how to use energy to manifest with total ease.

I mean we don't exactly make it easy on ourselves.  We pride ourselves on HARD WORK, praise the HUSTLE and if you aren't BUSY BEING BUSY you'd have to deal with a bunch of people thinking you're lazy.  But in this paradigm our lives suffer, our personal relationships are strained and our bodies only find rest when illness hits, because that's the ONLY acceptable excuse we'll give ourselves to stop working.  

Inside this paradigm of HARD WORK, HUSTLE and REACTION it is counter intuitive to think you could CREATE MORE, and HAVE MORE by DOING LESS.  But I'm living proof that #THEHUSTLEISALIE, and in this 3-day training I will give you the secrets to my success that will have you manifest the growth that you're out to achieve in your own business.

Kim Stewart

"The energy was explosive. I wasn’t prepared for all the movement.  It’s better than I ever dreamed of and it’s something people shouldn’t miss if they are looking to transform their lives."

Why you don't want to miss this event!

If you're anything like me and most of my clients, we've been trained to skirt around in 2 worlds.  One is where we feel connected to nature, humanity and our highest SELF.  We use yoga, we're interested in meditating, we might have a crystal or two in our house and some of us are even connected to the bigger purpose of our own incarnation.  

The second space is the one where we run a business, have taken hold of being an entrepreneur and are out trying to make our mark in the world.  In this realm we pride ourselves as doers, list makers and task masters.  We rely on strategy, plan and implementation to get it all done and to achieve the success we've planned for. 

The challenge is, you aren't getting it all done, you aren't experiencing the success you want, and your sense of fulfillment and impact is dismal at best. The reason this is happening is that you've segregated your being and given up your power.  

It's time to take your power back because as I've said before, #THEHUSTLEISALIE

I promise that THIS EVENT is like unlike Anything you've experienced before... 

Being a brilliant entrepreneur doesn't take an MBA, graduating from an elite college or having the secrets to success handed down to you by your father or your father's father.  Equally speaking, the success you're seeking won't come from more knowledge, a better system or a new business plan.  

The thing you might not have noticed that all the great entrepreneurs have is the mastery around their own intuition and the ability to follow their "gut" to greatness.  It's the thing they don't talk about and no one teaches you to use, but if you can learn to master using your intuition along with using the energetic laws of manifestation and attraction you'll be able to create ANYTHING YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS.  

And that my friend is what you'll tap into during your 3-day intensive, Mastering the Energetics of Business and Entrepreneurship! 

When you say yes to joining me you can expect to: 

  • Discover how your personal energy best attracts new clients into your business.  When you learn that you'll be able to grow your business as if by magic and as a bonus you'll feel sooo good doing what you love! 
  • Learn how to convert a potential client into a paying client without all the stress and struggle of trying to get it right and figure it out and following some sales funnel meant for someone else.  You'll be working with your favorite people and loving your business all at the same time. 
  •  Create the high-level offering that delivers exponential results and impact for you and your clients no matter what business you're in.  Once you step into this you'll be able to exponentialize your income with total ease.    

Danny Meinerz

This event was much different from others. This was more about using the guidance of my intuitive skills and tapping into the space that Tamara created.  So this was less about structural A, B and C kind of coaching. I felt that I was given a true opportunity to open up … to discover myself.

Your Host Tamara Ross

Tamara has made her mark in the personal growth and development industry as one of the leading energetics experts in the world.  Coming from a background of abuse, depression and isolation she was in search of a better way and a better life.  With over a decade of study in the ontological, metaphysical, and spiritual realms she's created her LIFE BY DESIGN, exactly the way she wants it.  And now she supports her clients in doing the same.

She has influenced thousands of people worldwide to create, manifest, and actualize the life of their dreams: be it money success, career success, and/or a great relationship.

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8:30am:  Registration opens

8:30am: VIP Priority Access

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm: VIP Lunch

2pm:  Session Starts

6pm:  Day completes

6:30pm:  VIP cocktail reception


8-9am:  VIP Q&A Session

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm: VIP Lunch

2pm:  Session Starts

6pm:  Day completes


8-9am:  VIP Q&A Session

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm:  Lunch

2pm:  Session Starts

4pm:  Day completes

Experience integrating the ENERGETIC and SPIRITUAL realm into your BUSINESS so that you can create success beyond what you've ever dreamed possible. 

2 ways to attend

General Admission:

  • General Admission Ticket with 2.5 days of coaching and facilitation
  • Coffee reception each morning 
  • Workbook for the 3 days of training with NOTES, outlines and take-aways from the event.  
  •  Access to the audio recordings from the event for your convenience.

Price:  $997 
ONLY: $297

VIP Experience:  

  • General Admission Ticket with 2.5 days of coaching and facilitation
  • Coffee reception each morning 
  • Workbook for the 3 days of training with NOTES, outlines and take-aways from the event  
  •  Access to the audio recordings from the event for your convenience.
  • VIP Goodie bags filled with bonuses to energize yourself and your business
  • Cocktail mixer and hors d'oeuvres post session FRIDAY THE 15th
  • Early access with private Q&A facilitation with Tamara each morning.
  • Networking Lunch EVERYDAY with other VIPs and Coaches.

Ticket Price:  $2,997 
ONLY: $597

Ticket Price:  $997 
ONLY  $297

Ticket Price:  $2,997 
ONLY  $597

Clarissa Fugazzotto

I came in with the feeling of scarcity and fear, especially about money.  I ended up feeling the next evolution within myself and trusting that everything is happening in its time and I am part of the flow.

Event Details: 

Mastering the Energetics of Business and Entrepreneurship

Location:   Denver, Colorado: 

Dates:  November 15th, 16th, 17th

Arrival:  Check-in begins Friday the November 15th at 8am program begins at 9:30am

Timing:  Each day will be from approximately 9:30am-6pm with a 1.5hr break for lunch. 

Airport:  Denver International Airport


It's time you learn the Energetic Laws of Manifestation

so you too can 


Ashley Strickland

Working with Tamara has literally been the best money I have ever spent.  Every area of my life is shifting, things are getting created with more ease, and I am making more money.  I cannot wait to see what else can get created!