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The Energetic Self-Mastery Program

It's time to opt-out of suffering, MASTER YOUR ENERGY and finally live the life of your DREAMS! 

Learn the skills to design your life and have it ALL go your way!

Receive personalized expert support, accountability and facilitation

Fast-track your personal growth!

Are you struggling to create the life, business, or relationship you really want?

  • Are you unhappy where you are, but scared to choose what’s next?
  • Have you taken all the courses, are filled with knowledge, but still feel lost and yearn for more?
  • Have you read all the best selling "Self Help" books only to be left stuck exactly where you've been?
  • Do you tell people that anything is possible for them, but doubt that you can have the life that you really want?
  • Do you spend all your time, money, and energy searching for something without even really knowing what that something is?
  • Do you want to feel powerful and in control of your life?

Energetic Mastery

Will guide you to…

  • Make more MONEY
  • Gain time FREEDOM
  • LOVE your body more than you've ever dreamed possible
  • Have a juicy, sexy, rockstar RELATIONSHIP
  • Produce unprecedented results
  • Experience flow & magic
  • Eliminate depression & anxiety
  • Deepen your connection to soul, Self, & Source
  • Free yourself from TIME limitations
  • Fall deeply in love with yourself & your life

If you want to live a great life... 

If you want to produce results beyond your wildest dreams...

If you want to stop talking about your #bestlife and start living it...

You need Energetic Self-Mastery.

"Literally been the best money I've ever spent."

Ashley Strickland

Working with Tamara has literally been the best money I have ever spent. Every area of my life is shifting, things are getting created with more ease, and I am making more money. I cannot wait to see what else can get created!

Join the Energetic Self-Mastery Program and...

Create Life Exactly the Way You Want

Learn the Universal Laws Of Creation & Manifestation

Have Life Go ALL YOUR WAY!

Discover how...

The ESM program has helped people just like you create UNPRECEDENTED results in ALL areas of their lives.

"I came in with the feeling of scarcity and fear, especially about money. I ended up feeling the next evolution within myself and trusting that everything is happening in it's time and I am part of the flow."

Clarissa Fugazzotto


"Tamara is beyond gifted at helping you tap into your intuition to make the choices that are best for you, your life and in my case for my business. Working with Tamara has allowed me to move from a life of overwhelm, over commitment and stress to one of ease, grace, flow and joy! I can't believe the way I've designed my life. It's amazing and it's unimaginable. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tamara!"

Marisa Molina

Health Coach

"Since working with Tamara, I earned $168k in commission in one day, more than any previous year total."

Melissa Gabriel

Real Estate Agent

Your questions answered!

What Makes the Energetic Self-Mastery Program So Different?

The Energetic Self Mastery Program is revolutionary because it teaches you everything you need to know to be the Creator in any and every area of your life at any moment.

“I'm not looking to give people bread crumbs so that they follow me for years and years, my goal is to have my clients become Energetic Masters so they can CREATE ANYTHING they want for themselves and their life, anytime they want."

Creator of The Energetic Self-Mastery Program

Hundreds of people have created the juicy lives they’ve always dreamed of using the 5 Pillars of Energetic Self-Mastery. How can you step into being the all-powerful creator of your own destiny? The answer is to join the Energetic Self-Mastery Program.

We know how hard it is to envision and create your life all your way.

  • Have you tried every personal growth and development program you’ve come across only to be left STILL dealing with your relationship, money, or success issues?
  • Have you read all the best selling "Self Help" books only to be left stuck exactly where you've been
  • Ever wonder why the changes you really want to have happen haven’t no matter what you try?

Well let me tell you my friend, it has nothing to do with your intention, your effort, or how much you WANT the change... The only thing it has to do with is your ENERGY! 

My life My Design has helped Hundreds of people create the lives they want in the areas that matter most to them whether it be having babies, finding the relationship of their dreams, making multiple 6 or 7-figures in their business, starting a business or pursuing their passion project, moving, learning to love themselves, healing past traumas, creating intimacy in their most important relationships, or other. 

The Energetic Self Mastery Program is created and delivered by master coach Tamara Ross and her team of My Life My Design certified Energetic Mastery Coaches. Tamara has studied meditation, psychology, ontology, and energy work. She has invested 12+ years of her life and over $100k to work with the worlds leading experts in personal growth and development to be able to distill all her years of education and training into a concise 12-month program that will allow you to create, manifest, and actualize the life of your dreams. Tamara isn’t a yogi in an ivory tower or one of the lucky few born with a silver spoon. She comes from a background of abuse, depression, and isolation to find a better way and a better life. And now she supports her clients in doing the same. 

In the 12-month Energetic Self Mastery Program, you will:

  1. Learn the 5 pillars of Energetic Mastery, the time tested and proven pillars to envision the life you want. 
  2. Receive expert facilitation and coaching on the areas of life that matter most to you and that you've been struggling with for years. 
  3. Learn to clear energy, use your intuition, align with your higher and future self, and create magic with ease in all areas of your life.
  4. Make deep connected friendships with like-minded people on a journey to create their best lives.

The universe, source, God is naturally co-creative and you are an infinite being, capable of directing that powerful co-creative source energy to create anything you want. Once you learn the 5 pillars of ESM you will create magic in every area of your life. People who have a clear vision of the future they want and the tools of energetic mastery win the game of life. Register for the Energetic Self Mastery Program and spend the next year with Tamara Ross and her team of expert coaches. Why? Because you’ll never know how great your life can really be until you learn to clear energetic blocks and tap into the infinite creative power of your higher and future selves.

After being in Tamara's program for 1 month, I brought in 4 times the number of clients (more than all last year) without DOING any MORE WORK."

Theresia Radtke
Personal Trainer

I went from having NO closings for 5 months to closing two deals in 1 day, and I just listed my first $1.2 million dollar home."

Laura Gilsdorf
Real Estate Agent

Within the first month of Tamara's program I increased my business by 33%, and I'm having way more fun."

Gayle Goldman
Business Consultant

The ESM Program


12 Modules covering the 5-Pillars of Energetic Self-Mastery & 7 Topic Modules that include training videos, audio recording, written course-work and bonuses to facilitate your learning and integration of the distinctions and techniques of Energetic Self-Mastery. The Modules cover:

Module 1 - Mastering the Energetics of Clearing

When you are not creating what you've been asking for and/or wanting, the first place to look at is what's in the way. Learning how to clear energy is one of the fundamentals to creating ANYTHING. During this module, you'll learn the different methods to clearing energy. You will actively practice each of the methods so that you, your living spaces, and your work spaces become a CLEAR vessel to create and receive what you want most.

  • Learn EXACTLY what’s been keeping you from your goals so that you know where, why, and how you haven't been reaching your goals.
  • Clear the ka-ka that’s not allowing you to make MORE MONEY, have more success, and attract a great partner with ease.
  • Rise above status quo and others standards and finally attain success on YOUR terms.

Module 2 - Mastering the Energetics of Alignment

Alignment has two components. Learn how to align with your highest SELF as well as your future SELF, so that you experience the magic of who you really are and what you are really capable of. Then you will be actively pulling your future into this reality NOW.

  • Identify your personal Alignment formula so you can tune in and create your next evolution with velocity.
  • Attain your goals without stress and struggle like other people have taught you so that you can finally create anything you want with EASE.
  • Learn the best ways to have what you are asking for COME to you rather than constantly chasing it.

Module 3 - Mastering the Energetics of Creation

The easiest way to make magic happen is to tap into Source energy, to co-create with it. When you co-create with source energy, the universe, or god you gain the capacity to leap frog beyond what you know is possible.

  • Discover how to work with the universe so that you create beyond your human limitations, so that you are consistently surprised by what shows up in your reality.
  • Master staying in a high frequency so that bigger and better things come to you and you finally stop playing small, being small, and choosing small once and for all. 
  • Learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" and the "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in not only attaining your goals but surpassing them.

Module 4 - Mastering the Energetic of Intuition

Everyone has the capacity to use their psychic ability to forward their creations... Even YOU! During this month you'll tap into all the ways you receive your intuition and start using it to your advantage right away!

  • Discover how doing LESS can actually bring you more success so that you can spend more time and energy doing the things you LOVE and less time doing the things you don't.
  • Learn how to make the RIGHT decisions that will get you what you've been asking for and stop constantly throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing what sticks.
  • Eliminate 80% of your to-do's, the ones that aren't bringing you more money and more success so that you can simplify your life and rid yourself of confusion once and for all.

Module 5 - Mastering the Energetics of Trust

You've heard the saying, "just trust, it's all working out!" Maybe you even know it, or you've said it to yourself. Sometimes it's easier said than done right? This is where you'll get to actually take on that life long lesson of trusting.... Trusting you, your creations, the universe, AND that it is ALL working out.

  • Learn what's been in your it actually takes to have a life filled with ease and leave the confusion, stress and struggle of this reality behind.
  • Step into your ability to move through anything with peace and calm instead of the self doubt that can fill your mind and the decisions you make.
  • Experience ease and magic with your day-to-day dealings and any road block that may come your way.

Module 6 - Mastering the Energetics of Soul, SELF and SELF Awareness

What capacities do you innately have within you that you haven't even acknowledged yet? In this month not only will you cultivate your abilities as an intuitive but you will harness your capacities as an infinite being having a human experience.

  • Leave behind your HUMAN limitations and step fully into your power as an INFINITE being so that you never have to question your ability to create anything you want ever again. 
  • Alter the outcome of any situation because of your innate connection to everyone and everything on the planet, rather than the limited perspective most humans choose from. 
  • Experience your SELF as a SOUL rather than a body and live in the profound opportunity that you have to be on this planet at this time.

Module 7 - Mastering the Energetics of Abundance and Wealth

Your birthright is abundance, unfortunately that is not what we've been taught. AND, that's not what is around us. Unravel all the limitations around you relating to money so that you can fully step into the true paradigm of abundance that is waiting for you.

  • Learn what's keeping you from more money, more wealth, and living the life of your dreams, so that you can finally embrace your true nature... Abundance!
  • Get yourself out of SCARCITY and LACK for good and BREAKTHROUGH societies barriers of "not enough".
  • Never again worry about money- where it's coming from or how much you have.

Module 8 - Mastering the Energetics of Love and Partnerships

Having friendships and relationships is easy. Having GREAT partnerships can be more of a challenge. It takes vulnerability, authenticity, and courage; not necessarily how we have been trained to live life. During this month you will move through the deepest spaces of yourself to connect with others on a level you have yet to experience.

  • Finally embrace your capacity to have GREAT LOVE, a GREAT PARTNERSHIP, and connection on the deepest level WITHOUT losing your SELF in the process.
  • Remove your separations and limitations to have a partnership that will fulfill you beyond what you KNOW is possible and manifest your perfect partnership now.
  • Experience the ease of being seen and connected with anyone, anytime, anywhere so that you can be seen for who you truly are.

Module 9 - Mastering the Energetics of Healing and Body

The body has its own energetic field with the capacity to create HEAL and serve you. When we are in partnership with our body we ask what it needs and we allow it to contribute to our creations. When you are in communion with your body constantly connecting and listening to it you'll be able to make more magic than you ever thought possible. You'll also tap into your natural ability to heal anything and anybody that is willing to receive it. It's time to experience yourself as a healer and your natural abilities to contribute to others on a level most never experience.

  • Tap into the conscious of the body and realize its potential to be your partner and support your creations in real time, so that your manifestations actualize with velocity.
  • Create TOTAL HEALTH with your body so that ease and vitality begin to emerge in a way you've yet to experience.
  • Realize your potential as a healer whether it's for yourself, your family, or your clients so that you can contribute on much deeper level.
  • Learn the techniques that will allow you to move healing energy through your body to positively affect people, places, things, and/or animals.

Module 10 - Mastering the Energetics of Business and Entrepreneurship

If you've tried specific systems and structures to grow your business only to find they didn't work then you my friend weren't tuning into the energy. Whether you're just starting out in your business or your a seasoned entrepreneur, if you haven't tuned into the energy of what's happening and what wants to get created in your business then you're limiting yourself, your potential and the SUCCESS you could be achieving.

  • Create EXPONENTIAL growth with your company and yourself and realize the monetary rewards that come with it. 
  • Learn how to communicate with your business so that you work less, have more freedom and ONLY take the actions that make THE DIFFERENCE for where you want to go!
  • Experience more work life balance, peace and ease in growing your company, making more money and serving your clients on a bigger scale.

Module 11 - Mastering the Energetics of YOUR Purpose, Path and Dharma

What is your purpose? Why are you here? Why did you incarnate at this time? This month is dedicated to uncovering your unique purpose so that you can begin living it NOW! Your purpose is infused with lessons you've chosen to learn and the gifts you naturally are. By infusing your purpose into your day-to-day life you will experience a new level of fulfillment and the opportunity to make a bigger difference on the planet and with humanity.

  • Finally understand WHY you incarnated at this time and what you are here to do. 
  • Have your day-to-day moments be fulfilled with a deeper experience and knowing that you are on your path. 
  • Make THE difference you are here to make in this life!

Module 12 - Mastering the Energetics of Consciousness, Wisdom and the GRAND DESIGN

Channeling isn't something that is meant for only a select few with anointed gifts of knowing. If you look, I'm sure there have been times in your life where information or guidance has come from some place higher than you... This my dear is channeling. You will actively practice receiving the answers you are looking for to the questions you have about ANYTHING on your path.

  • Remove everything in the way of you receiving the highest level guidance to ANY challenge, request or ask so that the guidance you seek comes to you with ease, ability and flow. 
  • Learn how to become a channel for universal truth so that you ALWAYS have the answers to the questions you seek, no matter what it pertains to. 
  • Experience the FLOW of source energy in any and all your creations, so that you can always access the highest wisdom needed for your book, lecture, or simple TPS report.

You also receive:

Three LIVE 2-hour Facilitation Calls each month with Tamara. During these high-impact facilitation sessions you’ll receive laser coaching and facilitation to support you in your own Energetic SELF Mastery. Calls are recorded and made available in the back office for your convenience.

Unlimited access to our Private Online Community. Share your wins, ask your burning questions & get immediate answers, learn through the experiences of others and discover a new community of souls on the same path and journey you’re on with the Energetic Self Mastery Program private Facebook group.

Two 60-minute SMALL group facilitation calls EACH MONTH with your designated coach and team. During these calls you'll receive LASER coaching around anything you may be dealing with personally and connect with your new tribe!

Lifetime Access to Mastering the Energetics of Money. 12-weeks of training, distinctions, and tools to give you more freedom and fun with money than you ever imagined possible.

Discounted rates to all My Life My Design’s Live Events where you can connect with your new tribe in person, plug into a vortex of creative energy, and take a quantum-leap in creating your HAVE-IT-ALL life!

Say, "Yes!" to really living the life you’ve always known was possible!

What’s My Investment?

The Energetic Self- Mastery Program is all about asking questions, tuning into your intuition and higher self and then opening up your awareness TO CREATE A LIFE THAT is BETTER than what you could have ever imagined, so... 

Let me take a second to ask you some better questions while you notice what you are aware of: 

  • How much is not owning your power, being clear on what you want or how to create it costing you? 

  • How many years have you spent wanting, working toward or being disappointed you don’t have those things/results you really, really want?
  • How many thousands of dollars and hours of your life have you spent trying to have it all or learn how to really take charge of and create what you want?
  • What will be the impact of NOT learning energetic mastery in 2 years from now? 

Not knowing the 5 Pillars of Energetic Mastery and how to create results in the areas of life that matter most to you are already costing you a great deal . It's costing you - your dream life!

What I want to know is... Are you willing to try something new? Are you willing to have it ALL go your way? Are you willing to risk your mundane today for your dream tomorrow?


(Financing options available)

Katie McCarthy

I sold a business, started a new business, grew an IG account to over 10k in 3-months, moved, lost 30 lbs, stopped living to work and found my partner.

If you are looking for straight forward, uncommon, but practical tools and coaching that you can use for the rest of your life to create anything you want, you're in the right place.

Want Self Mastery?  Let me show you the way to ENERGETIC SELF MASTERY!

Stop wondering...

Is this course right for you?

If you are looking for the ONE THING that will shift EVERY THING, this is the course for you! Because everything is energy. Which means that... When you learn to shift, change and direct energy you learn to shift, change and direct everything. 

I guarantee that if we work together to change your energy, your life will change. You don't have to spend years meditating in an ashram in India to achieve SELF-Mastery, you simply have to learn to tune into the energetic patterns that have been creating your current reality and then change them.

If you'd like to...

  • Master your ability to cultivate happiness so that you could feel authentic joy EVERY DAY of your life.
  • Tune into your highest truth in any situation so that you could know EXACTLY what is right for you at EVERY fork in the road.
  • Release EVERY BLOCK in the way of your success so that you could embrace that relationship, experience more success, and make more money.
  • See how your divine path has been given to you so that you could know yourself as a divine creator, co-creating with universal energy. 

Let's cut to the chase...

There's a part of you that knows there's more to life than a ho-hum existence. A part of you that knows you can actually...


What are you waiting for???