Receive Private Facilitation from an Energetic Self Mastery Coach!

Want a one-on-one session to move through your energetic blocks and create magic like never before?

What could you get out of a call with an

Energetic Self Mastery Coach?

  • Clear the personal energetic blocks that are keeping from what you REALLY want 
  • Discover your ONE next step inside of manifesting that thing you REALLY desire
  • Unlock new awarenesses for your business, partnerships, health, and/or spirituality
  • Transform the ONE thing that will change EVERYTHING around you!

What our clients say about their coaches...


"Laura creates magic. She is like a mirror showing me what I need to look at to get to my next level of awareness and mastery."

-Amy Cooper 


“I don't know of any other program that has coaches who are ready and willing to make time for you on demand. I am so thankful for this program and all the coaches. Most of all I am grateful for Connie who made sure I get the recording of yesterday's call, since the site was down, so I can listen to it again. Then, she called me to check in on what I heard in the facilitation and what I am aware of. Just WOW! VIP treatment. Thank you, Connie!”

-Naz Barbric


“Kerry blew my mind on the call. I understand now how I judge and assess my intuition. The paradigm of chaos was uncollapsed. That call with her just clicked with me. My truths were uncollapsed and she helped me clear up some MAJOR things in my life!”

-Tammy Do

exploration session with

a My Life My Design Energetic coach


My Life My Design Coaches are trained and certified in applying the energetic principles of change to create big results for others.  They will intuitively ask questions, get to the root of your blocks and show you how to clear those blocks once and for all.  Finally they will illuminate the path that will provide you with the biggest change and growth opportunity possible.  We know that they are skilled at this because they've done it for themselves time and time again! You want someone who's been where you are and already gone through the muck to have the magic... Then you are in the right place my friend. 

Exploration session with A Head coach


Our Head Coaches have been trained in Energetic Self Mastery for over 3 years, working side by side with Tamara to produce unprecedented results with our clients and customers. They are especially skilled at sensing into the truth of who you are, shedding light on your limitations, and bringing unlimited possibility into the conversation so that you can create EVERYTHING you want and have life ALL your way!