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The Energetic Mastery Coaches Training Program

It's time to step into your leadership and facilitate Energetic Mastery! 

Remove all judgments that influence your experience and reality

Give personalized expert support, accountability and facilitation


your personal growth!

Do you have a passion for guiding others?

  • Do you have an unwavering love for humans and being of service?
  • Are you passionate, driven, and feel called to a higher purpose?
  • Are you ready to shift the paradigm of the planet?
  • Are you called to step into leadership?

the Energetic Mastery Coaches Training Program

Will guide you to higher

levels of mastery in…

  • Making more MONEY
  • Deepening your connection to Soul, Self & Source
  • Focusing on your capacity to bring energetic mastery to yourself and others
  • Fully surrendering to EASE
  • Experiencing flow & magic
  • Becoming the dominant energy in every situation
  • Leading and coaching by example and experience rather than opinion
  • Falling deeply in love with yourself, your business, & your life

"My life is transformed!!"

-Clarissa Fugazzotto

Before working with Tamara, I was deeply in debt and was struggling to build a business. Tamara’s approach was different than anything I'd ever done, giving me access to finally heal the patterns that had been holding me back and as a result, my life is transformed. My husband and I have paid off tens of thousands of dollars, new clients regularly show up in my business, and we are receiving money in so many more ways than we ever thought possible! Not having to worry about money means we get to be more present and intentional with our kids, our communities and each other, to do more of what we love and step fully into the lives we are here to live. How can it get any better than that!

Become a Certified My Life My Design Energetic Mastery Coach and...

Relate to yourself and others as


Facilitate others to create lives where things all go their way

Connect to the MAGIC that is your truest nature

What makes the My Life My Design Energetic Mastery Certification so different?

 There are two pathways to choose from when you join the program...

Pathway One

  • Over 250  Hours of Training
  • Three Phases of training over the course of 12 months
  • Mastery in the 5 energetic pillars of creation such that you live from, coach from, and can generate in your own life as well as those you facilitate
  • Training in Enrollment for your everyday life and business
  • Eligible to attend Coaches Training Retreat - Details on Dates/Locations/Price TBD
  • Guaranteed on the court training with a cohort of your own! 

Pathway Two

  • Over 250  Hours of Training
  • Three Phases of training over the course of 12 months
  • Mastery in the 5 energetic pillars of creation such that you live from, coach from, and can generate in your own life as well as those you facilitate
  • NOT Eligible to attend Coaches Training Retreat
  • Does NOT include a cohort of your own

I've given up 'making a living' and started just doing what I love, which is serving and supporting others. Money is rolling in, so I let it come! I've allowed myself to really trust and walk the path - just being in the process and not doubting it. It's the most precious thing I can have right now  - not being in fear, allowing myself to clear, and using the tools. 

Rhinny Huynh
Psychic Coach

Within the first month of Tamara's program I increased my business by 33%, and I'm having way more fun. I trust my intuition, I trust the signs that come up for me. I'm going in with a full heart, lots of trust, and lots of joy. "

Gayle Goldman
Energetic Mastery Coach

What’s My Investment?

The Energetic Mastery Coaches Training Program is all about deeping your mastery in asking questions, tuning into your intuition and higher self, then opening up your awareness. You're here to create a life that is better than what you could have ever imagined, so... 

Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions and notice what you're aware of: 

Will leading others to their own Energetic Self Mastery create more for your business?

Will expanding your capacities for coaching and leadership create more money?

Will it guide me to a deeper understanding of myself and the tools I've learned from the program?

Is coaching part of my path and purpose?

Create more expansive results in the areas of life that matter most to you by

being a contribution to others!

Are you ready to step into a path of LEADERSHIP?

Whether you choose pathway one or pathway two, the price of the program is the same!

While each pathway contains different content and benefits, we want you to be empowered in your decision and NOT choose based on money!

Pay in Full



Pay in Full

monthly payment plan



Monthly Payment Plan

Want to anchor your Energetic Mastery and be apart of a greater conversation? 

Let me show you an easier way.

If you'd like to...

  • Create more for yourself with ease and velocity through your own capacity to surrender
  • Guide others to greater possibilities through their own energetic mastery 
  • Release EVERY BLOCK in the way of your success so that you could  experience more success
  • See how your divine path has been given to you so that you could know yourself as a divine creator, co-creating with universal energy

Let's cut to the chase...

There's a part of you that knows

there's more to life than a ho-hum existence. 

A part of you that knows you can actually...


What are you waiting for???