The Energetic Self Mastery COACHES Accelerator Program

Step into your leadership and facilitate Energetic Mastery for OTHERS! 

Give personalized, expert support and facilitation!

Learn the skills to create life with no compromises


your personal growth!

The First Step is energetic SELF mastery!

Energetic Self Mastery is the foundation for facilitating others to create a life ALL their way. While the Accelerator Program is the fast track to becoming a coach, the first step is getting grounded in the tenants and practices of Energetic Mastery to up-level life for your SELF!

After can't coach the sport until you know how to play the game!

The Accelerator Program consists of...

6 months of the Energetic Self Mastery Program

12 months of the Coaches Training Program 

Condensing your time in the Energetic Self Mastery Program from 12 Months to 6 Months means...your expertise and expansion within each of the modules is completed in HALF the time of a regular participant!

Start with 6 months of 

the Energetic Self Mastery Program...

12 Modules that include training videos, audio recordings, written course-work and bonuses to integrate the techniques of Energetic Self-Mastery. 

Module 1 - Clearing

When you are not creating what you've been wanting, the first place to look is what's in the way. Learning how to clear energy is one of the fundamentals to create ANYTHING. Learn the different methods to clearing energy and actively practice them so that you, your living spaces, and your work spaces become a CLEAR vessel to create and receive what you want most.

  • Learn EXACTLY what’s been keeping you from your goals so you know where, why, and how you haven't been reaching them. 
  • Clear the energy that is not allowing you to create abundance, have more success, and attract a great partner with ease. 
  • Rise above the status quo and finally attain success on YOUR terms.

Module 2 - Alignment

Learn how to align with your highest SELF and your future SELF so that you experience the magic of who you really are and what you are really capable of. Then, you will be actively pulling your future into this timeline.

  • Identify your personal alignment formula so you can create your next evolution with velocity. 
  • Attain your goals without stress and struggle so that you can finally create anything you want with EASE. 
  • Learn the best ways to attract what you want rather than constantly chasing it.

Module 3 - Creation

The easiest way to make magic happen is to tap into Source energy and co-create with it. When you co-create with source energy, the universe, or God, you gain the capacity to leap frog beyond what you know is possible.

  • Discover how to work with the universe so that you create beyond your human limitations
  • Master staying in a high frequency so that bigger and better things come to you and you finally stop playing small, being small, and choosing small once and for all. 
  • Learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" and "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in not only attaining your goals, but surpassing them.

Module 4 - Intuition

Everyone has the capacity to use their psychic ability and forward their creations... Even YOU! Tap into all the ways you receive your intuition and start using it to your advantage right away.

  • Discover how doing LESS can actually bring you more success so that you can spend more time doing the things you LOVE. 
  • Learn how to make the RIGHT decisions that will get you what you've been asking for and stop throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing what sticks. 
  • Eliminate 80% of your to-do's - the ones that aren't bringing you more money and more success - and simplify your life once and for all.

Module 5 - Trust

You've heard the saying, "just trust it's all working out!" Sometimes it's easier said than done, right? Take on that life-long lesson of trusting.... Trusting you, your creations, the universe, and that it is ALL working out in your favor.

  • Learn what it takes to have a life filled with ease and leave the confusion, stress and struggle of this reality behind. 
  • Step into your ability to move through anything with peace and calm instead of the self doubt that can fill your mind. 
  • Experience ease and magic within your day-to-day life.

Module 6 - Soul, SELF, and Awareness

What capacities do you innately have within you that you haven't even acknowledged yet? Cultivate your abilities and harness your capacities as an infinite being having a human experience.

  • Leave behind your HUMAN limitations and step fully into your power as an INFINITE being so that you never have to question your ability to create anything you want. 
  • Alter the outcome of any situation with your innate connection to everyone and everything on the planet. 
  • Experience your SELF as a SOUL rather than a body and live in the profound opportunity that you are on this planet at this time.

Module 7 - Abundance and Wealth

Your birthright is abundance and unfortunately, that is not what we've been taught. Unravel all limitations relating to money so that you can fully step into the paradigm of abundance that is waiting for you.

  • Learn what's keeping you from more money, more wealth, and the life of your dreams so you can finally embrace your true nature... Abundance! 
  • Step out of scarcity for good and BREAKTHROUGH society's barriers of "not enough". 
  • Never again worry about money, where it's coming from, or how much you have.

Module 8 - Love and Partnerships

Having friendships and relationships is easy. Having GREAT partnerships can be a challenge. It takes vulnerability, authenticity, and courage...not necessarily how we have been trained to live life. Move through the deepest spaces of yourself to connect with others on a level you have yet to experience.

  • Embrace your capacity to have great love, a great partnership, and connection on the deepest level WITHOUT losing yourself in the process. 
  • Remove your separations and limitations so you may have a partnership that will fulfill you beyond what you KNOW is possible. 
  • Experience the ease of being seen and connected with anyone, anytime, anywhere, so that you can be seen for who you truly are.

Module 9 - Healing and Body

The body has its own energetic field with the capacity to create, HEAL, and serve you. When in partnership with our body, we ask what it needs and allow it to contribute to our creations. When you are in communion with your body - constantly connecting and listening to it - you'll can create more magic than you ever thought possible. Tap into your natural ability to heal anything and anybody that is willing to receive it.

  • Realize your body's potential to be your partner and support your creations in real time so that your manifestations actualize with velocity. 
  • Create TOTAL HEALTH with your body so that ease and vitality begin to emerge in a way you've yet to experience. 
  • Realize your potential as a healer whether it's for yourself, your family, or your clients and contribute on much deeper level. 
  • Learn the techniques that will allow you to move healing energy through your body to positively affect people, places, things, and/or animals.

Module 10 - Business and Entrepreneurship

If you've tried specific systems and structures to grow your business only to find they didn't work, you may not be tuned into the energy. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur, tuning into the energy will expand your potential, success, and wealth in your business.  

  • Create EXPONENTIAL growth with your company and realize the monetary rewards that come with it. 
  • Learn how to communicate with your business so that you work less, have more freedom, and ONLY take actions that make the DIFFERENCE for where you want to go! 
  • Experience more work-life balance, peace, and ease in your company, making more money and serving your clients on a bigger scale.

Module 11 - Your Purpose, Path, and Dharma

What is your purpose? Why are you here? Why did you incarnate at this time? Uncover your unique purpose and begin living it NOW! Your purpose is infused with lessons you've chosen and the gifts you naturally are. By infusing your purpose into your day-to-day life, you will experience a new level of fulfillment and the opportunity to make a bigger difference on the planet.

  • Finally understand WHY you incarnated at this time and what you are here to do. 
  • Have your day-to-day moments be fulfilled with a deeper experience and know that you are on your path. 
  • Make the difference you are here to make in this life!

Module 12 - Consciousness, Wisdom, and the Grand Design

Channeling isn't something that is meant for a select few with anointed gifts. If you look, I'm sure there have been times when information or guidance has come from some place higher than you! Actively practice receiving the answers you are looking for regarding ANYTHING on your path.

  • Remove everything in the way of receiving the highest level of guidance to ANY challenge or request so that the guidance you seek comes to you with ease, ability, and flow. 
  • Learn how to become a channel for universal truth so that you ALWAYS have the answers to the questions you seek no matter what it pertains to. 
  • Experience the FLOW of source energy in any and all of your creations, so that you can access the highest wisdom needed.

Three LIVE 2-hour Facilitation Calls each month with Tamara 

During these high-impact facilitation sessions, you’ll receive coaching to support you in your journey. Calls are recorded and made available in the back office for your convenience.

Unlimited access to our Private Online Community 

Share your wins, ask your burning questions & get immediate answers from our coaches. Learn through the experiences of others and discover a new community of souls on the same path you’re on with the Energetic Self Mastery Program private Facebook group.

Two 60-minute SMALL Group Facilitation Calls EACH MONTH 

Connect with your designated coach and team! Receive coaching around anything you may be dealing with personally and connect with your tribe.

Two Private Coaching Sessions with a Head Coach Each Month!

Receive one-on-one facilitation with an Energetic Mastery Head Coach about anything you may be moving through!

...Then 12 months of 

the Coaches Training Program!

Phase 1: Setting the Energetic Foundation

Training and Observing, Trust and Connection, Active Listening, Creating Awareness

● Three 2-hour group calls with Tamara per month
● Three 2-hour calls of observing Tamara’s facilitation calls per month
● Two 90-min coaching observation calls per month (Minimum of 15 hours per month)
● 12-hour training weekend with Tamara, team, and coaching body

In person/Virtual Event support - (29 hours of training)

Phase 2: Training with supervised coaching:

Receive 1-2 Cohorts of approximately 5 participants each, navigating any situation, practicing non-judgment

● Three 2-hour group calls with Tamara and coaching body per month
● Three 2-hour calls of observing Tamara’s facilitation calls per month
● Two 90-min calls per month per cohort
● 2-4 hours of additional cohort communication (Minimum of 17-19 hours per month)
● 12-hour training weekend with Tamara, team, and coaching body

In person/Virtual Event coaching/support - (29 hours of training)

Phase 3: Training and Solo coaching:

Coaching 1-4 cohorts depending upon skill set and or on boarding of new

● Three 2-hour group calls with Tamara per month
● Three 2-hour calls of observing Tamara’s facilitation calls per month
● Two 1-hour coaching call per month per cohort(s)
● 2-4 hours of additional cohort communication and FB activity (Minimum of 16-18 hours per month)

Two In person/Virtual Event coaching/support - (57 hours of training)

What makes the My Life My Design Energetic Mastery Certification so different?

You are trained to fulfill your participants’ intentions, targets, and priorities. You discover how to follow the energy, tune into your awareness, use your OWN intuition, and illuminate the path that will provide others the change they are asking to receive...

Other Coaching Programs...

  • Only provide under 125 Hours of Training
  • Require 24 months of experience before providing a credential
  • Teach coaches to give advice or tell clients what to do
  • Do NOT zero in on energetics and awareness
  • Charge application fees
  • Only offer professional development for coaches already practicing

The Energetic Mastery Accelerator Program...

  • Provides over 250  Hours of Training
  • Training in Enrollment for your everyday life and business
  • Guaranteed on the court training with a cohort of your own! 
  • Teach mastery in the 5 energetic pillars of creation such that you live from, coach from, and channel from in order to support your clients
  • Easy and FREE application process
Listen to what our participants have to say!

"Tamara’s approach was different than anything I'd ever done, giving me access to finally heal the patterns that had been holding me back! As a result, my life is transformed. My husband and I have paid off TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars, new clients regularly show up in my business, and we are receiving money in so many more ways than we ever thought possible! How can it get any better than that!"

Clarissa Fugazzotto


“I am so grateful to be a part of this community.  Every day feels like an evolution and I’m continually stepping into a new reality. Things that I have lived through no longer have any anchors or holds on me and honestly seem to completely disappear.  When I look back to yesterday or last week it feels so distant! I am not the same person.. even from yesterday!”

Erin Jansen

ESM Participant

"I’ll say this, Tamara’s style of coaching is anything but that!  Using energetics in a business like real estate seems completely illogical, but for some reason, it works.  I can’t explain what it is, but every time we are on a group call or at an event new prospects and clients are signing contracts to work with me!  If you’re willing to take the coaching and trust the process…  then don’t miss your chance to work with her!"

Brad Willems

Real Estate Agent

What’s My Investment?

The Energetic Mastery Accelerator Program is all about deeping your mastery in asking questions, tuning into your intuition and higher self, then opening up your awareness. You're here to create a life that is better than what you could have ever imagined, and train others to do so, too!

Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions and notice what you're aware of: 

  • Will leading others to their own Energetic Self Mastery create more me?
  • Will expanding my capacities for coaching and leadership create more money?
  • Will it guide me to a deeper understanding of myself and the tools I've learned?
  • Is coaching part of my path and purpose?

If you're getting a "YES!", sense into which plan will create more for you, 

and join us now!

Pay in Full

One payment of

$28,000 (Save $3,500!)

Monthly Payment Plan

18 monthly payments of


There's a part of you that knows there's a better way to do life....

Something greater than yourself is pulling you to this path of

leadership and level of mastery...

What are you waiting for?