How to Cut out 80% of Your To-Do List Just by Using Your Intuition

How to Cut out 80% of Your To-Do List Just by Using Your Intuition

What I am about to share with you is the secret sauce to using intuition in business to work less, play more, and make way more money.

As an entrepreneur, when you want to create a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure income with total ease, you need only look to mastering your intuition in business.

Let’s dive in where you will discover:

How you receive your intuition

Using your intuition to cut out 80% of your to-do list

And what you need to do in order to work less, play more and make way more money!

Discovering How You Receive Your Intuition

In order to apply your intuition to your business, the first thing you have to know is how you receive your intuition.  First things first. We all have it. Yes, you my friend, are intuitive, and if you train yourself enough, your intuition can be more reliable than your computer or your logical brain.

Before we dive in, let’s start with a quick exercise to discover what you are aware of and what’s naturally there for you.

Ask yourself, “what do I need to do today for my business?”

Jot down the first two things that come to you.

Review these two items and ask yourself, “Will this make me more money, yes or no?”

As you ask this question with each item, tune into how the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ shows up for you. Is it showing up as a feeling in your body? As a sense of knowing that just “pops” into your awareness? Did you see anything? Do you hear anything?

How did you do?

What Type of Intuitive are You? 

The Feeler

The Feeler receives sensations (feelings) through his/her body.

For Example: When you ask a question, if the answer is a strong ‘yes,’ you may experience a physiological lightness in your body, like butterflies or lightness in the stomach, shoulders or head. If something is a strong ‘no’ you may experience a physiological heaviness in your body, oftentimes in your gut, on your shoulders or on your head.

The Knower

The Knower receives his/her intuition through, yes, you guessed it… knowing.  Answers may suddenly show up in one’s awareness with, sometimes, no logical rhyme or reason.  And, when someone asks you “HOW” you know the answer to the question or what to do next, all you can say is… “I just do.”

Think about the last time someone asked you a question, and the answer literally popped into your mind - that is your intuition, and you would be a Knower.

The See’er / The Hear’er 

The See’er or Hear’er will receive intuition through visualization or sound.

For Example: When you ask questions, you may see color, a whole image, or when looking at a list of things one or two items stand out. Information may also come in the form of a dream.  The hear’er may hear voices, high pitch frequencies, buzzing or a “voice inside their head”.

Note: It is completely normal to receive your intuition in more than one way.

Using Your Intuition to Cut Out 80% of Your To-Do List

That’s right, 80%. Think about the Pareto Principle for a moment. This is best known as the 80 / 20 rule, and when we apply it to your to-do list one could assert that 80% of your list is not necessary, and only 20% of your tasks will actually produce the results you are looking to achieve.

Think about all of the times you’ve been stressed over completing everything on your to-do list only to find yourself adding more items on to it. Then, you make yourself wrong when you don’t get it all done, and the cycle continues.  You think that if you add everything that you can think of to the list, and block out more time to do your tasks, that you’ll finally make some headway! This is a broken system that keeps you distracted, VERY BUSY, and without the BIG results, you are seeking.

But what if, in reality, only about 20% of your list NEEDS to get done right now and the other 80% is just busywork.  That means only 20% of the items on your list will actually forward your goals and what you are out to achieve right now. So if you like being busy, you have a list ready for you.  But if you’d rather be productive and efficient, then pay attention.

It’s time to put your intuition to work. This is your chance to become ‘less busy’ and begin accomplishing more.

What if you only had to call five potential clients instead of 25, because the five you called were the EXACT five that said yes and the other 20 would’ve wasted your time and ultimately said no? This is what’s possible when you use your intuition in business matters.

Putting Your Intuition to Work: Time to Work Less, Play More and Make Way More Money

Next, you can practice using our intuition to determine what items on your to-do list to take action on today and what can be removed.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to do today?”

List out everything that comes to mind.

Read through each item on the list and ask yourself: “Will this make me more money today? Yes or No.”

Tune into your “Intuition Type” (i.e., feelings, knowing, seeing, hearing.). notice what comes to you.

If you receive a ‘yes’, keep it on your list, if it's a ‘no’, take it off of your list.

Take action ONLY on the items you got a ‘yes’ from.

Practice this exercise for a week, and watch how quickly money will start to show up.

You just learned a simple and highly effective practice to eliminate unnecessary tasks on your to-do list and how to generate more money by doing less. This will help you in the second part of mastering intuition in business - Consistently trusting, honoring and taking action on your intuition. Stay tuned next week and the week after for parts two and three of this blog series so you can get the full deets on how to use your intuitive gifts to have the success you truly want.

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Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design. She is a highly sought after Energetics Expert and the creator of the Energetic Self Mastery Program. She not only trains individuals and entrepreneurs to create MORE for themselves and their lives, but also trains individuals to impact others with a certified Energetic Coaching Program.

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Tamara Ross

Founder and CEO of My Life My Design

  • Sathy says:

    This is brilliant!
    I am exactly on this path Tamara.
    I recently discovered the power of intuition and was figuring out how I can apply it practically in my life.
    My to-do list is cluttered, I know. But I have been slowing using my intuition to do only what I FELT like doing. I let the energy and grace arrive and wait until the time comes by to actually engage with a particular task. And it has had miraculous effect on me.
    The speed at which tasks get done once I get an internal ‘go’ is awesome and is worth the gamble of waiting on it.
    I really want to expand my online entreprenuerial venture. Need your help and guidance.
    Looking forward.

    Love & gratitude,

    • Tamara Ross says:

      Wonderful! Let me know if you would like to connect at any point. We are always here to help my friend! Now is the time to have an online business and with a strong sense of your intuition, it can guide you to amazing success… This I know for sure! email me at should you want to discover your path and/or gifts further!

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