See you in:


Event dates: May 31st - June 2nd, 2019 
 in San Diego, CA
at: Hotel Republic San Diego

You know for a fact you're capable of MORE!

Deep down do you feel like you're settling? 
Have you been CRAVING something but you aren't quite sure what it is?  
Or maybe you just want MORE of what this life has to offer... 

Well luckily I know just what you're looking for my friend...

Join me in San Diego, May 31 - June 2!

Look, I’m gonna be honest with you,

I don’t like working with people’s problems.  You know all the business marketing courses out there tell you to talk to people’s pain-points and problems, well the truth is I’m not that interested in working through things you already have the answers to.  And if you look closely, most of your "problems", you already know what to do with.

My job is to help you envision, create and life beyond anything you could ever imagine!

I mean look your life it’s pretty great, isn’t it?  You don’t wake up everyday crying in your Wheaties do you? And don’t other people tell you all the time how awesome you have it?

You may be asking me, then why am I even talking to you?  Because I want YOU to take a moment to be honest with yourself.

Look deep down and tell me if you feel like something’s missing…   Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know there’s more for you, You know you could have it better and right now you may even feel a little bit like you’re settling.

The Next Evolution of You isn't the “SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH” you Seminar, or the FIX YOUR F*!kED UP LIFE program… This is about the next evolution of you.  It’s about stepping into the next evolution of your greatness.

This is the Only place where you’ll be guided to want MORE, dream BIGGER, and you’ll Dare to DESIGN a life filled with EVERYTHING you desire free of any and all limitation… You’ll even be given the TRIBE and TOOLs to support you in getting there.  

It’s time!  Let me help you to live your life beyond anything you could ever imagine.

With Gratitude,

Just Imagine... 

clearing ALL the blocks in your way of UP-LEVELING your Life.  Consistently being in a high vibrational state so that things show up by magic and finally learning the secrets to how you can WORK LESS, PLAY MORE and making WAY MORE MONEY. 

Think this is a PIPE DREAM?  Think again!  The secrets to attaining your goals have nothing to do with HARD WORK or HUSTLE, it has to do with your ability to work with energy, clear your limitations and master the law of attraction.  

It's time for you to stop playing small, being small and living small, and FINALLY TUNE into the natural ability you have to manifest ANY desire.  

It's time for you to Design YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY!

What if YOU HAD...

  • The ability to sense energy and use your intuition for all the big and small decisions in your life, so that you were able to feel the universal flow and ease, so that is your natural state.
  • The clarity to know what your path is, what is right for you and you completely TRUSTED EVERY decision you made for yourself. 
  • The ability to CLEAR any block in your way as if by magic, so you are unstoppable in manifesting your new reality
  • The confidence to choose YOU, do YOU and UP-LEVEL your life NOW!  NOT later, not tomorrow, not next year.  NOW!

Finally learn the secrets to why big changes happen for some people some of the time, and create the foundation for ACTUALIZING your new future NOW!

Kim Stewart

"The energy was explosive. I wasn’t prepared for all the movement.  It’s better than I ever dreamed of and it’s something people shouldn’t miss if they are looking to transform their lives."

This is what you need to UP-LEVEL EVERYTHING in your LIFE!

What if this is THE THING that changes EVERYTHING? 


so you can be unstoppable

Fully embrace YOUR INFINITE CAPACITIES to create ANYTHING you want.  Align yourself in what you're out to manifest and begin to make it a reality NOW. Tap into your ability to feel energy, sense it, and follow it so that you can have more ease with your business creations, with life, and with money.    


so you have all the answers you need, anytime you need them.

Anchor all your Psychic capacities and learn how to have your intuition guide your creations rather than the chaos in your mind.  Learn what kind of intuitive you are, how your intuition speaks to you,  and just how psychic you REALLY are.  Practice making the big and small decisions in your life guided by your highest self.


POWER TO CREATE:  So you can MANIFEST anything you want, anytime you want.

Remove all limitations keeping you from expanding FULLY into your greatness.  Embrace your gifts, the contribution you are on the planet, and the next evolution of YOU.  Leave the course fully empowered with the ability to clear, move through, and out-create any limitation standing in your way of 2019 and beyond. 

VIP Session

Mastering the Energetics of business and entrepreneurship

Whether you're just starting out in your business or your a seasoned entrepreneur, if you haven't tuned into the energy of what's happening and what wants to get created then your probably limiting yourself, your potential and the SUCCESS you could be achieving.  In this session I'll show you how you can actually WORK LESS, PLAY MORE, and make WAY MORE MONEY! 

Why should you attend? 

There's only ONE THING you can do that's guaranteed to change EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE...change your energy.  

Have you noticed how you set new goals or sign up for a new trainings, but nothing BIG really ever comes of it?  That's because you haven't changed the foundational energetic components of yourself, your business, or your life.    

The truth is, it's not your fault.  No one teaches us to become energetically masterful and the biggest challenge is that there's very little information out there that actually shows you how to work with energy to manifest anything you want.  

But that's exactly what we'll do together for 3 days.  We'll uncover and energetically anchor the NEXT EVOLUTION OF YOU.  The you that comes from ZERO limitations, and is created from your infinite capacity.

Spend 3 days learning how to tune into your energy, clear energy, and shift energetically so that you can create anything you want in 2019 and beyond!

Danny Meinerz

This event was much different from others. This was more about using the guidance of my intuitive skills and tapping into the space that Tamara created.  So this was less about structural A, B and C kind of coaching. I felt that I was given a true opportunity to open up … to discover myself. 

Your Host Tamara Ross

Tamara has made her mark in the coaching industry as one of the leading energetics experts in the world.  Coming from a background of abuse, depression and isolation she was in search of a better way and a better life.  With over a decade of study in the ontological, metaphysical, and spiritual realms she's created her LIFE BY DESIGN, exactly the way she wants it.  And now she supports her clients in doing the same. 

Tamara currently works about 20 hours a week, has a multiple 6-figure business, is the sole breadwinner for her family, and spends most of her time playing and traveling with her husband and daughter. 

She has influenced thousands of people worldwide to create, manifest, and actualize the life of their dreams: be it money success, career success, and/or a great relationship.



8am:  Registration opens

8:30am: VIP breakfast

9:30am: Session begins

12pm: VIP Lunch

1:30pm:  ​Session Starts

5pm:  Day completes

5:30pm:  Upgraded and VIP cocktail reception


8:30am:  VIP breakfast

9:30am: Session begins

12pm: VIP Lunch

1:30pm:  Session Starts

5pm:  Day completes

5:30pm:  Bonus Chocolate Chakra Meditation Session for everyone


8:30am:  VIP breakfast

9:30am: Session begins

12pm: Day completes

12:30pm:  VIP Lunch with Tamara

VIP Private 1/2 day session begins

5pm:  Day completes

Take the time to RESET, RECHARGE, and get the tools you need to MANIFEST EVERYTHING you want in 2019 and beyond!

3 ways to attend

General Admission:

  • General Admission Ticket with 2.5 days of coaching and facilitation
  • Coffee reception each morning

Price: $497 Complimentary with 
ONLY $197 deposit

$197 deposit refunded when you attend the event.

Upgraded Admission:

  • General Admission Ticket with 2.5 days of coaching and facilitation
  • Coffee reception each morning 
  • Cocktail mixer and hors d'oeuvres post session FRIDAY THE 31st
  • Early access seating
  • Workbook for the 3 days of training with NOTES, outlines and take-aways from the event.  
  •  Access to the audio recordings from the event for your convenience.

Price:  $997 
ONLY: $197

VIP Experience:  

  • General Admission Ticket with 2.5 days of coaching and facilitation
  • Coffee reception each morning 
  • Cocktail mixer and hors d'oeuvres post session FRIDAY THE 31st
  • VIP Badge and early access seating
  • Workbook for the 3 days of training with NOTES, outlines and take-aways from the event.  
  •  Access to the audio recordings from the event for your convenience.
  • VIP Breakfast and Lunch EVERYDAY
  • An EXCLUSIVE Closed door session for VIPs only with Tamara afternoon on Sunday the June 2nd.  
  • a PRIVATE, 45min, 1-on-1 ENERGETIC CREATION session with Tamara via phone post event. 

Ticket Price:  $2,097 
ONLY: $497

Ticket Price: $497 Complimentary with 
a $197 deposit

$197 deposit refunded when you attend the event.  LIMITED  SEATS AVAILABLE

Ticket Price:  $997 
ONLY  $197

Ticket Price:  $2,097 
ONLY $497

Clarissa Fugazzotto

I came in with the feeling of scarcity and fear, especially about money.  I ended up feeling the next evolution within myself and trusting that everything is happening in its time and I am part of the flow.

Event Details: 

Your Next EVOLUTION: Create, Manifest and Actualize your LIFE!  

Location:   San Diego, California, Hotel: Hotel Republic

Dates:  May 31 - June 2nd

Arrival:  Check-in begins Friday the May 31st at 8am program begins at 9:30am 

Timings:  Each day will be from approximately 9:30am-5pm with a 1.5hr break for lunch. 

Airport:  San Diego International Airport

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:  What's the best way of getting to the hotel?  

A:  Out of town guests may fly into SAN San Diego Airport.  From there you can Uber Lyft or Taxi to the hotel, with about an 8 min drive.  

Q:  What's the parking situation for local guests?  

A:  The hotel has an $18 day rate or a $49 overnight rate for guests.  You also have the option of metered stations and or all day parking lots near the hotel.   

Q:  Can I get a discount on a hotel room?  

A:  Yes we will have room block and rates for all attendees. CLICK HERE to reserve your discounted room at our negotiated $179 rate. 

Q:  What's the cost of the event?  

A:  Totally 100% FREE!!  Yep, you got that right free :).  Simply claim your free ticket with your $197 fully refundable deposit.  Then, when you arrive at our event registration you will receive your refund back and the event will be free for you.  Unless you're looking for an UPGRADED or VIP experience please refer to the "ways to attend" section.

Q:  Is this gonna be a sales fest to get me to buy something else? 

A:  Not at all.  You will have a chance to find out more about working with Tamara while you are at the event, but these 3 days are dedicated to you and giving you to the tools you need to CREATE anything in your life. 

Q:  I have more questions.  Who can I contact?  

A:  Email me FRIEND!

Melody De Zengremel

"It was so different. The level of energy in this event was something I have never been around before. Digging deeper and learning about the things that I have to do. Learning things about my being as opposed to being given a list of things to do. It’s amazing."

Let's cut to the chase.  There's a part of you that knows there's more to life than a ho-hum existence.  A part of you that knows you can actually HAVE IT ALL YOUR WAY.   

So what are you waiting for?