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Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

Warning Magical Human...

This is NOT an event about the new year's resolutions you're never gonna keep, to do lists you think you're finally gonna slay or having next year be only slightly better than last... Meh!

If you're looking at 2020 thinking it's gonna be the year you finally land the "right job", lose that extra weight or get more sh*t done... 

This event is NOT FOR YOU!  

However, if you're ready for MORE MAGIC, quantum leaps, 2 or 3x-ing your income, finding the RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS, taking more vacations and HAVING LIFE GO ALL YOUR WAY, then you, my friend, are in the right place! 

It's time to CREATE, MANIFEST AND ACTUALIZE your 2020!

Ashley Strickland

Working with Tamara has literally been the best money I have ever spent.  Every area of my life is shifting, things are getting created with more ease, and I am making more money.  I cannot wait to see what else can get created!

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

Let's be honest...

I don't give a sh*t if you do more next year, or make a bunch of resolutions and then cross your fingers hoping something changes.  The only thing I care about is that you experience BIG CHANGE AND BIG RESULTS in 2020!  

What do I want for you?  I want you to LIVE YOUR LIFE, LOVE YOUR LIFE, experience YOUR MAGIC and more than anything I want you to have EVERYTHING go ALL YOUR WAY! And, let's face it, if you really look at having everything go your way... how much do you actually care about to do lists anyway... What if they all just disappeared... Gasp!

The only reason I am here, and the only reason we met is so that you could say yes to living your best life… I am not talking about your #bestlifeever... you know, the one that Influencers and Reality TV is pushing or the one that your mom, dad, best friend or husband are trying to tell you will make you happier, richer, more accomplished or, or, or!  

For me, YOU living YOUR BEST LIFE is you living the one you want with all the things you deeply desire - the one we're about to create together.  The one that currently stays in YOUR DREAMS, because your dreams are the only place that could actually let yourself experience such yummy good-ness.  Yeah, that’s the one.  

A new decade is coming and it's time you FINALLY have your life YOUR WAY!       2020 is ready... Are you? 

Just imagine what your 2020 could be like...

Are you in the relationship of your dreams?

Maybe you hit your first 5-figure or 6-figure month?

Or is this the year you finally grow your family with babies and/or marriage?

Would you like more confidence to embark on your path, trusting that the universe really does have your back?

What if you finished that book you've been wanting to write or start that business you've been thinking, plotting and planning in your head?

Is 2020 about  buying or building your dream house, or making that move that you know would have you soar?

And how would you like to take more overseas vacations while working less and  making more money?

If you read any of these and thought, "YES! That's me. That's what I want." then you’re in the right place.
And you should know that... my clients have done all this AND MORE!

What I'm about to teach you in these 3 days are the same tools and techniques that have allowed me to take 5 months or more off every year, working less than 20 hours a week and spending most of my time chilling with my family or traveling with them.  

My company revenue is currently in the multiple 6-figure status and will hit the 7-figure mark in 2020.  And this life I've created is me living MY life by MY design EXACTLY HOW I WANT IT.  

My life and success is THE example of my ability to CREATE, MANIFEST and ACTUALIZE ANYTHING I want. But contrary to what you might think, my ability to use the energetic laws of manifestation wasn't innate.  I wasn't born with a lucky golden horseshoe... quite the opposite.... 

It took me about a decade of training and practice to learn how to use energy to manifest with total ease.

I mean we don't exactly make it easy on ourselves. As a culture, we pride ourselves on HARD WORK, praise the HUSTLE and if you aren't BUSY BEING BUSY you'd have to deal with a bunch of people thinking you're lazy.  But in this paradigm our lives suffer, our personal relationships are strained and our bodies only find rest when illness hits, because that's the ONLY acceptable excuse to stop working.  

Inside this paradigm of HARD WORK, HUSTLE and REACTION it is counter intuitive to think you could CREATE MORE and HAVE MORE by DOING LESS, but in this 3-day training I will give you the secrets to my success that will have you manifest ANYTHING YOU want.

Kim Stewart

"The energy at Tamara's event was explosive. I wasn’t prepared for all the movement.  It’s better than I ever dreamed of and it’s something people shouldn’t miss if they are looking to transform their lives."

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

Who is this Event for?

You should attend if:

  • You're ready to choose you, do you and be more of you!
  • Deep down you’ve known you were meant for more and you're now ready to own it and claim it!
  • You're willing to look at yourself to see what’s in the way of you creating the life you want and your are willing to have it all change. 
  • You're new to the personal growth and development world OR you've already tried all the programs out there, you're a PGD expert, and you're interested in the varsity program.
  • You're tired of the work harder and hustle paradigm and you're ready to learn how to create, manifest & actualize with ease.
  • You'd love a deeper relationship with your soul, higher SELF & Source.
  • You're willing to have life show up EXACTLY the way you want it without compromise.
  • You don't mind being uncomfortable because you know that discomfort is the access to BIG CHANGE. 
  • You want to work less, play more and experience life all your way!!!
  • You've thought... "What the fuck am I doing? My job is draining. My friends are depressing. What happened to my big dreams, aspirations and more importantly my JOY!"

You should NOT attend if:

  • You are happy with status quo, love the struggle and would hate it if you woke up tomorrow and your life was all sunshine and rainbows.
  • You know for a fact YOUR WAY is the RIGHT WAY and no one else is gonna change your mind.
  • You've already made it big, hit ALL your goals, are crushing it in all areas of life and are completely NOT interested in having it get better.
  • You have no interest in looking inward for change and would rather complain about how unfair things are or life is. 
  • You hate FUN, LOVE & EASE.

STOP struggling and striving, trying to live life the "right" way!

It's time you discover what it looks like to have it ALL YOUR WAY and then change the ONE THING that CHANGES EVERYTHING 


The truth is... If you do what you've always done you're gonna get what you've always got. So if you want something new it's time to take NEW ACTION, and I've got just the thing...

It's time you DEEP Dive into...

  • Clearing ALL the SHOULDS, COULDS, caca and energetic blocks that were in the way of UP-LEVELING everything in your Life.  
  • Learning how to consistently be in a high vibrational state, tapping into your INTUITION & PSYCHIC abilities so that things show up as if by magic.
  • Consistently being in a high vibrational state, tapping into your INTUITION & PSYCHIC abilities so that things show up as if by magic.
  • MASTERING your THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND ACTIONS so you could manifest ANYTHING with ease.

If you learned all of that, what would your life look like in 6 months, one year or in 2025?

Finally learn what YOUR LIFE looks like when it's lived on YOUR TERMS, and is being ACTUALIZED and MANIFESTED RIGHT NOW!

Danny Meinerz

This event was way different from others I've attended. It was more about using the guidance of my intuitive skills and tapping into the space that Tamara created.  And less about structural A, B and C kind of coaching. I felt that I was given a true opportunity to open up and discover myself. 

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

What People Are Saying... 

When you say yes to joining me you can expect to: 

  • Discover how you personally sense energy and use your intuition for all the big and small decisions in your life, so that you are able to feel the universal flow and ease that are your true natural state  and are available to you any time you want.
  • Gain the clarity to know your path, what is right for you and to TRUST the decisions you make are aligned with your highest good.
  • Learn how to CLEAR any block in your way as if by magic, so you are unstoppable in manifesting your new reality.
  • Cultivate the confidence to choose YOU, do YOU and create the life YOU truly desire NOW!  NOT later, not tomorrow, not next year.  NOW!

Why you don't want to miss this event!

If you're anything like me and the majority of my clients, we've been trained to skirt around in 2 worlds.  One where we feel connected to nature, humanity and our highest SELF.  We do yoga, we meditating, we might have a crystal or two in our house, we talk about who we are as an extension of source consciousness and some of us are even connected to the bigger purpose of this incarnation.  

In the other world, we work in business, work on having great relationships with the people we love and strive to make our mark in the world.  In this realm we pride ourselves as doers, list makers and task masters.  We rely on our knowledge, advice and tactics to get us through the days and we disconnect from the magical aspects that make us wholly us.  

At CREATE, MANIFEST AND ACTUALIZE THE SH*T OUT OF 2020 you will fully integrate your highest SELF into your life, relationships and business so that you can have the results you want and they will arise as if by magic!  How are we going to do that?

We'll start by looking at a few things… Spoiler alert, I’ll be asking you these questions during our time together…

What would your life be like if you had it all your way? 

What would you do and choose if you woke up to $20 Million in your bank account with no strings attached?

What’s JUICY for you? 

This is JUST the starting point, and if you don’t know the answer to these questions...

If you aren’t CRYSTAL freakin’ clear on what life would look like if you had it all your way...

Then there’s only one place you should be January 24-26th 2020 and it’s WITH ME, in Denver, at Create, Manifest and Actualize the Sh*t out of 2020! This event is about you, what you want, what you're out to create and manifest. It's about you getting the things you desire most in your life so that the next DECADE IS #JUICYAF!  

It's time to learn to manifest EVERYTHING you've ever wanted and live the life of your dreams!

The Schedule


8:30am: VIP Check In and Priority Access Seating is open

9:00am: General Access Check In opens

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm: VIP Lunch

2pm:  Session starts

6pm:  Day completes

6:30pm:  VIP cocktail reception


8-9am:  VIP Q&A Session

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm: VIP Lunch

2pm:  Session starts

5:30pm: Dinner Break

7pm: Laser Coaching Sessions

8:30pm:  Day completes


8-9am:  VIP Q&A Session

9:30am: Session begins

12:30pm:  VIP Lunch

2pm:  Session starts

4pm:  Day completes

It's time to RESET, RECHARGE and REIMAGINE what your life could be like if you finally had it ALL YOUR WAY for 2020 and beyond!

Your Host Tamara Ross

Tamara has made her mark in the personal growth and development industry as one of the leading energetics experts in the world. 

With a past of abuse, depression and isolation she was in search of a better way and a better life.  A self-proclaimed "type A", she spend over a decade studying ontology, metaphysics, and all varieties of spiritual paths and practices to create her LIFE BY DESIGN, exactly the way she wants it.  And now she supports her clients in doing the same - having it all their way.

She has influenced thousands of people worldwide to create, manifest, and actualize the lives of their dreams: be it money, career or business success, love, great relationships or...

JOIN US and get the tools you need to MANIFEST EVERYTHING you want in 2020 and beyond!

Clarissa Fugazzotto

I came in with the feeling of scarcity and fear, especially around money.  By the time I left the event on Sunday afternoon, I felt abundant stepping into the next evolution within myself, trusting that everything is happening in its time and that I am part of the flow.

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

3 Ways to Attend:

General Admission:

  • 3-days of training, coaching, and facilitation to CREATE, MANIFEST AND ACTUALIZE THE SH*T out of your life, 2020 and the next decade!

Ticket Price:  $497 
ONLY  $197

Get Upgraded:

  • General Admission Ticket with 3-days of training, coaching, and facilitation to CREATE, MANIFEST AND ACTUALIZE THE SH*T out of your life, 2020 and the next decade!
  • Coffee reception each morning to connect with the other like-minded participants so you can build your soul-tribe and support each other through your experience.
  • The official event workbook - no need to worry about writing it all down! I've got you. In addition to all my notes, outlines and event distinctions, you'll have space for all of your notes and coursework in one convenient location.
  • Audio recordings from each day with all the facilitation, questions and trainings. Worried your daydreaming might get in the way?  PS. there's NO WAY you'll daydream I promise!  But just in case I got you!

Ticket Price:  $997 
ONLY  $297

The VIP Experience:

  • Everything on the  Get Upgraded ticket plus...
  • Private Q&A facilitation with Tamara each morning. How could you benefit from 3 additional hours of small-group facilitation with Tamara and her team?  Get the personalized support you need to really have it all!
  • Networking Lunch EVERY DAY with other VIPs and Coaches.  Get the most you came to get from your 3-day immersion and let yourself go EVEN deeper with a privately hosted lunch each afternoon.  
  • Cocktail mixer and hors d'oeuvres post-session FRIDAY THE 24th.  After Friday's information-packed session, join Tamara, the coaches and the team for some extra connection, creation, and relaxation.
  • Early access to the event with priority seating. 
  • VIP Goodie bags filled with bonuses to energize yourself, your life and your NEW year.  Tamara's hand-picked energetic extras are sure to be the icing on the cake.  These little bonuses are the extra touch to have you feel cared for and thought of. 

Ticket Price:  $2997 
ONLY  $597

Ticket Price:  $997 
ONLY  $197

Ticket Price:  $1297 
ONLY  $297

Ticket Price:  $2997 
ONLY  $597

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Simply email My Life My Design Customer Service Department at yourfriends@mylifemydesign at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $35 fee will apply.

Transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible. If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact our Customer Service Department. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any future My Life My Design event for up to one full year from your original event date. Some restrictions apply.

A complimentary enrollment is valid for the event date listed and is non-refundable/non-transferable. 

No BIG Ticket price?  What's the catch? 

Here's the deal, over a decade ago I did this work… the work to get clear on what my life would be like if I had it all my way. What did I discover? My have it all my way life was supporting people LIVING THEIR LIVES ALL THEIR WAY and experiencing themselves as the MAGICAL, INFINITE BEINGS they are. And you know what? 

There aren’t many places I know of where you can spend quality time with amazing people, diving deep into DESIGNING YOUR LIFE and MASTERING YOUR ENERGY and SELF so that you can create your life with ease, joy and freedom which is exactly why I created my business and this event...  

My mission is to create a wave of love, light and joy that is so big it washes away the lies and limitations that keep people small and sadA wave that ripples through generations to come... which is why I have low ticket prices for my events! I want to MAKE MY WORK ACCESSIBLE TO ALL!

Life is full of seemingly difficult choices and I want this one to be EASY! In fact, I want it to be a NO BRAINER. I want you to come and bring your friends, family and even the friendly stranger behind you at the grocery store so that I can give you the SHORTCUTS to living an AMAZING, ABUNDANT FREAKIN’ LIFE!

I mean $197 to learn to CREATE, MANIFEST & ACTUALIZE anything you want is a NO BRAINER, RIGHT?

I deeply believe that there are NO coincidences in life. Actually, I KNOW for a fact that there’s a bigger reason you are here reading this now. It’s because YOU ARE READY FOR MORE! You are ready to...

Live your have it all your way life NOW!


Tap into your INTUITION, trust & ACTUALIZE your dream life with velocity & ease!  


Create, Manifest & Actualize the Sh*t Out of 2020!

Location:  Hilton Denver City Center - Denver, Colorado

Dates:  January 24th, 25th, 26th

Arrival:  Check-in begins Friday the January 24th prior to the program start 

Timing:  Each day will be from approximately 9:30am-6pm with a 1.5hr break for lunch. 

Airport:  Denver International Airport

Hotel:  Hilton Denver City Center, 1701 California St, Denver, CO 80202

CLICK HERE to book your room!

Step into a new DECADE on YOUR OWN TERMS. It’s time to LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY!  

So what are you waiting for?

Registration Closes Monday, January 20th!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What's the best way of getting to the Hilton Denver City Center?  

A:  Out of town guests may fly into Denver International Airport (DEN).  

Q:  What's the parking situation for local guests?  

A:  The hotel has valet for guests of the hotel and event guests.  

Q:  Can I get a discount on a hotel room?  

A:  Yes we will have a special block of rooms just for you.  You'll be able to book 3 days prior to the event at the negotiated rate.  CLICK HERE to book your room! Book by January 13th.

Q:  If I am not staying at the hotel, how much is parking?  

A:  $19.00 - up to 4 hours, $27 - 4-8 hours, $49 - 8+ hours or overnight ($52 for oversized vehicles)

Q:  I have more questions.  Who can I contact?  

A:  Email:  yourfriends@mylifemydesign.com