January 7, 2021

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Coronavirus in the Ross House

If this is your first introduction to me or you’ve never worked with me before, you should know that I consider myself to be a “freethinking, liberal, hippie chick” most of my life. To be honest, that may have been listed on my Myspace account back in the day! But, the caveat to my freethinking spirit is that I’ve always been deeply rooted in the things I can test and I love science! But, not like the test tubes and glasses kind of science (I’ll leave that to my daughter), I like the kind of science you apply to your everyday life!

So, as I’ve studied energy, spirituality and energetic mastery over the past 10 years, I’ve always followed the teachers who support the theory that one should “test” through their own experience, not believe with blind faith. And that, my friend, is how I live life and teach others to evaluate what we “know.”

Before we continue, you should know I am not a medical professional. I have no medical training, and this blog post is in no way written to advise you about what you should do if you contract COVID-19. This is simply mine and my family’s accounts and experience and seemed like the perfect time to respond to all the thoughts, well wishes, and concerns for our house and the wondering of how we are surviving COVID-19.

Somehow, it seems this new strain of coronavirus has been around almost 1 full year and NOW was the time for the house to get it. Please know that as a family we have never been scared of contracting the virus or dying from it, but our love for our fellow humans is strong enough that we have been avid mask wearers, practice social distancing, and have been doing all the things for as long as it’s been asked.

My house is made up of my husband, Brian (46), my daughter, Ceci (5), and two close friends - Katie and Judson (38, 37). I am the primary breadwinner and work from home, so when COVID-19 came to the U.S, other than a few pivots made in my business to move in-person events to an online platform, nothing really changed in our day to day lives. We stopped taking Ceci to the local park and became experts at wearing masks and social distancing.

So when we look back at last week, we can’t honestly be sure how we contracted the virus.

My symptoms started Tuesday evening (December 29th), before I was going to bed. I didn’t feel quite 100%, but chalked it up to having a full work day and not eating as much as I should have. When Wednesday morning came (December 30th), I felt like I had been hit by a bus…  catatonic, not able to move my body with ease, and really, really cold. I felt the same as if I’d gotten the flu, and given my activities for the previous week, that seemed to be a logical explanation. So, I took on REST, which in my experience, is the best method I’ve found to heal. I completed my weekly 3-hour facilitation call and went right back to resting. I started taking detox baths with epsom salt, lavender, and baking soda at least once a day, sometimes more.

On Thursday (December 31), Ceci began moving very slowly and was more sensitive to upsets. One of my housemates wasn’t a full 100%, so we all got in the car to get our Coronavirus tests.

Friday (January 1), I was the first to get my results back and was awarded the gold star for testing positive for COVID-19. Now, on any other day I might have felt good about an accomplishment that warranted an email, a follow up phone call, and so much personal attention! But to have to deal with a call from the Public Health Department to track my whereabouts and trace who I’ve been in contact with seemed somewhat challenging, and had me feel shameful for being in contact with ANYONE.

I will say, in the efforts of tracking the virus, making sure people are made aware, and my natural instinct to care for others, man I felt like an a**hole for being the one to contract it! The irony is that I am the least ‘active’ human I know. I mean, I built my ENTIRE business working from home, and I enjoy it!

It’s the nature of the beast when you care for people and love them as much as I do. Anything that would bring harm to a fellow human being that you were the cause of can hurt your heart. So I left my “You’ve got COVID” call feeling guilty for anyone we may have spread it to and worried for my family.

As of Sunday (January 3), 4 out of 5 people in my house have tested positive. One of my housemates has tested twice, is still negative, and has no symptoms. So, we’ve ruled her as immune for now. We’ve got a full house of COVID and are moving through it…

How are we? What’s it like?

Well, to be honest, it feels like we all have the flu… I mean, we as humans like comparing things we DON’T know to things we DO know, and that is the closest thing I could compare it to! Achey, lethargic, poor appetite, a little cough, some sneezing here and there, and shortness of breath. My kid wants her momma, is quick to cry, and wants to movie binge… as do the rest of us. Not one temperature has gone above 100 degrees and we’ve been downing all the necessary supplements to support our immune systems. Most of us no longer have our sense of smell and taste.  And a few nights ago, we all got to enjoy a nice energetic healing session with my crystal sound bowl… It seems to support and perk us up the next day!

So now, we wait. We heal, sleep, sit back and watch movies, and wait for it to pass over. And of course, I’ll give any updates and insights as they come along!

I appreciate all of the love and light you are sending me. Please know I am sending sooo much love back to you. <3


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  1. Tamara,

    Thanks for providing the information and reflection on your family’s experience with COVID.

    I’m holding you all in my heart, thoughts and prayers for total healing.

    Marilyn, Clarissa’s mom

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