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3 Parenting Tips For Any Challenging Situation

3 Parenting Tips For Any Challenging Situation

I’ve been reminiscing about Ceci's younger years… Oh, wasn't it sooo much easier back then before kindergarten??

Haha NOPE!!

CLICK BELOW and check out this throwback when Ceci GAVE HERSELF A HAIRCUT! And no, it wasn’t just a “bang trim”...

I've been in personal growth and development for over a decade, so there's a few things that I've learned along the way that I apply daily when raising my tiny little human.

Let’s break down what I did in this scenario...


Parenting is like riding a wave... You need to roll with the punches and trust the process.

There's no playbook out there that says,  "When your kid decides to cut their own hair, please turn to page 172".

In light of this missing playbook, we will do the next best thing... BREATHE and align in our intuition and power!


Notice I didn't yell at her, scream, or raise my voice and go into "What did you do?!" I stayed calm and got curious. Then...

Step 3: Redirect the Conversation

I came up with another solution, "Let's get your hair cut by a trained professional. Doesn't that sound great?" She was really down for it!

If you don't make their choices wrong, you're not resisting what's persisting, AND you're giving them autonomy and freedom over their body and space.

If you have questions or want to learn more about steps to conscious parenting, leave a comment below!


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