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How to Use Your Intuition to Gain Velocity in Your Business

In my last blog post, we kicked off a 3-part blog series on how to use intuition in your business to work less and make more money. I shared with you my secret sauce on how to cut 80% from your to-do list just by using your intuition. 

Now, we can get to the even juicier part! It’s exciting, it’s edgy, it’s unconventional, but this is where your journey of manifestation gets really good!

Consider that your intuition is the thing that will guide you to the life you deeply want to create. But, for many of us, intuition doesn’t stand a chance because you align with the importance of your ‘logical brain’ and linear, sequential thinking. What I want to make clear here, is that to be able to allow your intuition to guide you, you must suspend your NEED for logic, the how, and the “figuring it out” and focus only on following your intuition. By doing this, your ability to sense it and use it will grow stronger and stronger each and every day. 

Through my own training and self-discovery, I have uncovered a few key practices that have allowed me to grow my business and my success while working less. If you take on these practices I’m about to outline for you, I promise you will cultivate more time freedom and velocity in your day to day business endeavors.

1. In Order To Grow Your Intuition, Suspend Your Need For Logic

In my last post, I described the qualities of how you receive intuition. We called these types: the Knower, the Feeler, the See’er or the Hear’er. Every one of us is receiving information in one, or more than one of these intuitive ways. Once you are aware of how you receive your intuition, you will most likely notice that it makes no logical sense. This is where your ability to trust yourself and your intuition comes in.

Think about it this way. When you ask questions like, “What can I do today to make myself more money?” And you settle in to receive the information intuitively, you are functioning from a place where logic no longer exists.

This is completely contrary to how most everyone does business. This practice is so uncommon, that most of us need ongoing support and practice to continually follow our intuition, especially when it comes to business. And this is why I have dedicated my life to getting your logic system out of the way so that you can execute your daily decisions based solely on the guidance your intuition provides. Committing to this practice, and building the muscle will be your key to accessing velocity, not just in your business, but in your life.

2. In Order To Grow Your Intuition, Acknowledge It 

To grow your intuition, like anything, a plant, your money, or a relationship, you must acknowledge it exists! This seems to be such an obvious point that most of us fail to “acknowledge it” lol! But, I see this with my new clients, all the time! The easiest way to acknowledge your intuition is to communicate with it. Ask yourself questions, listen for the response, and make sure to pat yourself on the back when you follow it!

Here are some easy questions you can ask in your business: 

  • What will make me more money today? 
  • What does my business want me working on today?
  • Where do I sense I will find more clients? 
  • What is the next aligned action to take?

3. In Order To Grow Your Intuition, Marry it with Trust

Intuition needs to be married with trust because following it is not going to make sense, and in some cases will feel counterintuitive as it goes against our logical thinking brain. I have a lot of people working with me in my year-long Energetic Self Mastery Program that spend a majority of their time on trusting, not just their intuition, but themselves and all their creations. Your intuition is typically very clear. What takes practice, support, community, and guidance is learning how to suspend the logical brain, and being uncomfortable with taking the actions that most times make no logical sense.  But, if you do this long enough you’ll notice that following your intuition becomes MORE LOGICAL and LESS UNCOMFORTABLE.

4. In Order To Grow Your Intuition, Surrender To It

You have a business, your business serves you and it serves other people. As soon as you create the business, it becomes its own energy, its own entity, and its own contribution on the planet. And if you don’t surrender to what it wants, you’ll most likely feel like your pushing a boulder up a hill.  This is what gets in the way of creating massive shifts in your business and on the planet. Think about what it would be like to co-create with another energy like your business. It’s building an energy field, it wants to contribute, and all you need to do is use your intuition to tap into what it wants and then surrender to giving it.  When you do this big leaps will happen with total ease. 

Most of the time surrendering feels really uncomfortable because it goes against everything in our nature. Everything in our logic system, how we’re oriented, how we’re physically set up, and how our reality is set up.

So here’s a personal invitation from me to you…surrender.

What is your intuition saying? Now surrender and go do that! Even if you’re not quite sure how or what it looks like. Look at what would be possible if you acknowledged it, trusted it and surrendered to it?

But really, take a moment and look….

5. In Order To Grow Your Intuition, Honor it Consistently

When I speak with groups or connect with new clients, I often hear how badly people want success to show up in their business quickly and with ease. But, when we dive in deeper together, we discover that they are NOT consistently honoring their intuition and then taking the action that is aligned with what their intuition is telling them. Instead, they let their logical brain run on auto-pilot and make the majority of their day-to-day business decisions. This takes more work and more time, all in the name of ‘doing what you’re supposed to do,’ and it is not necessarily producing the results they truly want. Consistently practicing the qualities described above (acknowledging, trusting, and surrendering) will propel your business forward only when you consistently do the process and take the required aligned action.

If you were connecting with your intuition in this way consistently each day, each hour, each minute, instead of running on auto-pilot of what you are ‘supposed’ to do, how much velocity would you have in your business? And…How much velocity would you experience with everything that you’re creating?  

So far in this blog series on mastering intuition in business, you learned how you receive your intuition and that to gain velocity in business with your intuition, you must suspend your need for logic and build your intuitive acumen. So, go ahead, acknowledge your intuition, sense it, communicate with it, listen to it, and trust that what is showing up for you. This will help build your ability to SURRENDER your logical brain. And finally, practice consistently honoring your intuition by taking aligned action with what you are truly wanting to create in your business. 

Let’s face it, this is new, surrendering logic is not how we are taught to engage in this world or in business. So look for a moment, what do you think gets in the way of YOU honoring YOUR intuition?

In the third and final part of this blog series, I will guide you in some simple ways to cut right through the muck so that you can get to the actions most aligned with your intuition for your business. 

Can you tell how much more powerful you’re becoming at growing your intuition and applying it to your business? As an entrepreneur, I know you know this is the good stuff that keeps you going and growing.

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2 How to Cut out 80% of Your To-Do List Just by Using Your Intuition

What I am about to share with you is the secret sauce to using intuition in business to work less, play more and make way more money. 

As an entrepreneur, when you want to create a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure income with total ease, you need only look to mastering your intuition in business.

To get you started on this path, I have broken down this topic into a three-part blog series:

In this first blog post, we will discuss how you receive your intuition. In the second blog post we talk about suspending your logic, ‘the how’ and ‘figuring it out.’  And in the final blog post, we will discuss honoring your intuition and taking Aligned Action.  

Let’s dive into part one of this series where you will discover:

  • How you receive your intuition.
  • Using your intuition to cut out 80% of your to-do list.
  • And what you need to do to apply these principles to work less, play more and make way more money. 

Discovering How You Receive Your Intuition

In order to apply your intuition to your business, the first thing you have to know is how you receive your intuition.  First things first. We all have it. Yes, you my friend, are intuitive, and if you train yourself enough, your intuition can be more reliable than your computer or your logical brain.  

Before we dive in, let’s start with a quick exercise to discover what you are aware of and what’s naturally there for you. 

  1. Ask yourself, “what do I need to do today for my business?” 
  2. Jot down the first two things that come to you.
  3. Review these two items and ask yourself, “Will this make me more money, yes or no?”
  4. As you ask this question with each item, tune into how the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ shows up for you. Is it showing up as a feeling in your body? As a sense of knowing that just “pops” into your awareness? Did you see anything? Do you hear anything? 

How did you do?

What Type of Intuitive are You? 

The Feeler

The Feeler receives sensations (feelings) through his/her body.

For Example: When you ask a question, if the answer is a strong ‘yes,’ you may experience a physiological lightness in your body, like butterflies or lightness in the stomach, shoulders or head. If something is a strong ‘no’ you may experience a physiological heaviness in your body, oftentimes in your gut, on your shoulders or on your head.

The Knower

The Knower receives his/her intuition through, yes, you guessed it… knowing.  Answers may suddenly show up in one’s awareness with, sometimes, no logical rhyme or reason.  And, when someone asks you “HOW” you know the answer to the question or what to do next, all you can say is… “I just do.”

Think about the last time someone asked you a question, and the answer literally popped into your mind – that is your intuition, and you would be a Knower.

The See’er / The Hear’er 

The See’er or Hear’er will receive intuition through visualization or sound.

For Example: When you ask questions, you may see color, a whole image, or when looking at a list of things one or two items stand out. Information may also come in the form of a dream.  The hear’er may hear voices, high pitch frequencies, buzzing or a “voice inside their head”.

Note: It is completely normal to receive your intuition in more than one way.

Using Your Intuition to Cut Out 80% of Your To-Do List

That’s right, 80%. Think about the Pareto Principle for a moment. This is best known as the 80 / 20 rule, and when we apply it to your to-do list one could assert that 80% of your list is not necessary, and only 20% of your tasks will actually produce the results you are looking to achieve.

Think about all of the times you’ve been stressed over completing everything on your to-do list only to find yourself adding more items on to it. Then, you make yourself wrong when you don’t get it all done, and the cycle continues.  You think that if you add everything that you can think of to the list, and block out more time to do your tasks, that you’ll finally make some headway! This is a broken system that keeps you distracted, VERY BUSY, and without the BIG results, you are seeking. 

But what if, in reality, only about 20% of your list NEEDS to get done right now and the other 80% is just busywork.  That means only 20% of the items on your list will actually forward your goals and what you are out to achieve right now. So if you like being busy, you have a list ready for you.  But if you’d rather be productive and efficient, then pay attention.

It’s time to put your intuition to work. This is your chance to become ‘less busy’ and begin accomplishing more.

What if you only had to call five potential clients instead of 25, because the five you called were the EXACT five that said yes and the other 20 would’ve wasted your time and ultimately said no? This is what’s possible when you use your intuition in business matters.

Putting Your Intuition to Work: Time to Work Less, Play More and Make Way More Money

Next, you can practice using our intuition to determine what items on your to-do list to take action on today and what can be removed. 

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do today?”
  2. List out everything that comes to mind. 
  3. Read through each item on the list and ask yourself: “Will this make me more money today? Yes or No.” 
  4. Tune into your “Intuition Type” (i.e., feelings, knowing, seeing, hearing.). notice what comes to you.
  5. If you receive a ‘yes’, keep it on your list, if it’s a ‘no’, take it off of your list.
  6. Take action ONLY on the items you got a ‘yes’ from.

Practice this exercise for a week, and watch how quickly money will start to show up. 

You just learned a simple and highly effective practice to eliminate unnecessary tasks on your to-do list and how to generate more money by doing less. This will help you in the second part of mastering intuition in business – Consistently trusting, honoring and taking action on your intuition. Stay tuned next week and the week after for parts two and three of this blog series so you can get the full deets on how to use your intuitive gifts to have the success you truly want.

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How to Manifest Your Dreams and Have it All

Welcome to some Q+A!

I’ve been noticing that I keep getting some of the same questions from my audience, friends, clients, and family, so I thought, why not share my answers with you here in hopes that you will be able to take this knowledge and apply it to your own life!

If you have questions you’d like answered, you can simply DM me or tag me on any of my social networks, and I’ll add it to the queue for the upcoming post. 


Q: What do you think are the two biggest mistakes people make in manifesting their dreams?

A: The two biggest mistakes people make in manifesting the life of and their dreams are; first, they’re energetically misaligned. People want to manifest and create the life of their dreams but most haven’t aligned energetically to what they want. Energetic alignment occurs when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all congruent. Without the FULL alignment of these three things, what a person truly desires can not manifest. 

The second issue I see is that most people interpret discomfort as misalignment, which is a BIG mistake. 

Discomfort is actually pointing you on the path of what there is to master next. Think about it this way. I do lots of videos for my company, and I’m on camera a lot. When I first started doing video work, my level of discomfort was through the roof. It didn’t mean that being on camera was misaligned for me; it was just that I hadn’t built that muscle yet.

Now, after 7 years of practice, when I’m in front of a camera, recording a video or on stage, I’m completely at ease and comfortable. So you want to be able to distinguish the difference between misalignment and discomfort which takes lots of practice using your intuition. (This is a whole other topic I’ll dive into later 🙂 

Q: In general, why do people feel like that no matter how hard they work, they can never have it all?

I would say people feel like this because they buy into and believe in the lie of scarcity and scarcity of time. 

If we actually had it ALL OUR WAY and EVERYTHING we wanted, we fundamentally think it’d take more of our time to get it, and that we’d have to eliminate something else we already have or want. 

Enter in the paradigm of EITHER/OR!  

A perfect example of this is the modern-day woman.  I see lots of women bump up against this when they want to create something out in the world or become an entrepreneur, and they also want to be a mom.  They think they can have one or the other, but if they chose both, they’d run themselves ragged. This is one paradigm that hits close to home…One that I’m busting through every day and committed to changing for women everywhere.  If you haven’t heard, I run a multiple 6-figure company that will 6 times itself in 2020, I’ve retired my husband, I work about 20 hours a week and I spend most of my time with my family! 

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It’s The Day After Christmas and It Hits You Almost Immediately

How is next year going to be different than this year? 

We’re not even celebrating new years yet, January hasn’t even started, and if you’re like most people you’ve already started to plan out your 2020. 

You’re probably thinking about creating new goals, wondering what your resolutions will be and preparing for that moment when the ball drops on New Years and everything changes…

So the question is, how is 2020 going to be different than your 2019? 

What is it you REALLY want to change in the new year??

How would you like to make more money? Finally, find the love of your life? Go on more vacations with the family or get back into those jeans you wore 10 years ago. 

Instead of asking yourself what’s going to make 2020 different than last year, the better question is…

How are you going to FINALLY fulfill those things that you want most? 

You see, the new year typically starts with amazing plans and lots of momentum, but by the time you get to the end of the year, you look back, and you wonder why those well-laid plans never fully manifested. And then new years comes, you take on the same, but kind of different new years resolutions and then you look to create MORE of what you missed out on last year. 

And the hamster wheel keeps going, year after year, after year…  

If you’re tired of it, ready to get off and FINALLY have the change you’ve been seeking, then you have to be willing to see that your inability to fulfill on your resolutions and yearly plans has nothing to do with your ability to create, to schedule, to plan, and to follow-through.

The only thing you’re actually missing is the training and ability to use the energetic laws of manifestation to create everything and ANYTHING you desire. 

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3 Ways to Create The Life You Truly Want

Everything you’ve ever wanted can be created and the truth is, you have everything you need to create what you want.  

Inside all of us, is a life imagined where we have it all. And not just have it all, but having it all, ALL OUR WAY.  Maybe your “have it all” means creating a super successful business that brings in a seven-figure bottom line and continues to grow year after year. Maybe you see yourself blissed out on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, eating the best food and experiencing nothing but endless love for your partner and the people and things around you.  Maybe it’s watching your kids grow up in a place you love, with more quality time then you know what to do with.

The question is… ‘If we have everything we need to create what we want, why don’t we all have this goodness in our lives RIGHT NOW!?’

The truth is, there is an immense discomfort that stands between where we are now, and where we want to go. And, when we start down the path of what we want most, we begin to push up against those dense limiting patterns and discomfort arises. The discomfort can be so overwhelming that it becomes easier to do what we’ve always done rather than change the course. 

Luckily, this point of discomfort is my specialty, this happens to be my favorite part of the journey we call life because this is where our greatest accomplishments are attained! If you are brave enough to choose the path of discomfort you have the chance to change the course of your life forever. 

In this post, I’m sharing my 3 ways to truly create the life you want.

First: Define Your Energetic Priorities

When I talk about energetic priorities, I am talking about the energies you prioritize experiencing in life. You have those you WANT to experience and keep TRYING to thave more of, like LOVE, FREEDOM and WEALTH. And then you have the energies that you are unconsciously patterned to perpetuate like SCARCITY, ABANDONMENT, and REJECTION. Most of the time you aren’t even aware they are running, and if you haven’t done the work to identify them, you can’t actually change them.

So step one is to identify the energies you’d like to experience in your reality.

One of my energetic priorities is efficiency. I want things to run as smoothly and quickly as possible, in my business and at home with my family.  I don’t like spending hours on something I know can be done faster and more efficiently with a different process. So I choose efficiency whenever I can, I train people in my company to be more efficient, my husband and I talk about it when needed, and I’ll even spend more money on something for me that is more efficient.

In order to define your own energetic priorities ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What energies do I want to experience most in my life?
  2. What would I like more of?
  3. Am I willing to choose the things I need, in order to have more of this energy in my life?  (this one may be tricky as it may cost more for you to have the energies you desire. 🙂

Second: Ask What Else is Possible

Once you’ve identified your energetic priorities, you want to start asking questions like, “what else is possible?” Asking questions will ALWAYS create MORE and ultimately helps you tap into the next level of your own awareness. This is where life will start to evolve with ease.

By asking “what else is possible” when life sucks or when life is going great you’re ultimately opening yourself up to having it go even better. You take yourself out of a conclusion and into an energy of creation and receiving, and the universe responds in kind. Asking questions in this manner expands our awareness and consciousness beyond what we already know and have concluded about what we are experiencing.

Co-create with the universe by asking these questions. Let’s see what’s possible!

  1. What else is possible?
  2. How does it get better than this?
  3. What else could get created?

Find Somebody Who Can See More for You

A coach’s job is to see 10 steps ahead of where you currently are and to guide you beyond anything you see possible for yourself. We are here to guide you to a level of discomfort that you’re probably not going to enjoy. This is for a good reason. Discomfort illuminates what there is to take on next within yourself, and what’s next for you to tackle on your path. Because my friend, if it were comfortable, you would have already accomplished it.

When working with a coach, here are some practices to keep in mind: 

  1. Lean on your coach not just when you are stuck, but also when everything is going fine. Ask questions that focus your attention on having EVERYTHING GO YOUR WAY and creating more of the life you want. 
  2. Write down the awarenesses that show up while you are creating your next-level self. 
  3. Reflect on those awarenesses with your coach.  He/she should be able to add a heightened level of insight as to what is happening and guide you to your next steps for creating the life of your dreams.

Chances are, you are not going to see ALL the nuances of what you are experiencing. That’s where your coach comes in, their job is to have you see your limitations and choose the next uncomfortable step so that you are continuously out creating yourself. 

All three of these ways will allow you to activate the creation process and begin living life your way, right now.

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