About Tamara

In my previous years, I was a highly successful business woman and real estate mogul. I was driven, accomplished and by most standards of success, I had surpassed what was expected of me. If you had met me six years ago you would have thought I arrived... EARLY. But there was something missing from my life; an opportunity to make a difference that I had yet to fulfill, experiences I had yet to step into and a destiny I had yet to embrace. My calling became louder and louder until I found myself in the midst of a breakdown while sitting at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World... Ironic, I know! But if you're planning on having a breakdown somewhere, that wasn't such a bad place to do it. 

After that, I decided to quit my corporate job, sell off my properties, travel the world and explore LIFE. I didn't know it at the time, but I was following my inner knowing and letting my SELF guide me. Following my intuition and learning how to co-create with universal energy wasn't always easy, but over time I developed a system and learned how to train my clients to do the same.

With expertise in metaphysical, esoteric and ontological teachings, I've become masterful at facilitating my clients to produce ANY result they desire; be it financial wealth, attracting the relationship of their dreams and/or career success. For the last eight years I've mastered my craft as a facilitator and coach to have people move beyond what they think is possible and create the life of their dreams.

By utilizing this methodology, I have created my own dream life - a six figure business that allows me to be the sole breadwinner for my family and travel the world with my husband and daughter all while doing what I love. 

Master these 5 Elements and Create Anything!

I've been coaching individuals for almost a decade now, and as I've honed my craft I've found the 5 elements that WILL have you create ANYTHING you desire.  If you've been trying to create something over and over again, but you aren't having success, I guarantee something is missing for you in one or more of these elements.  The goal with any of my programs or services is to have YOU become masterful at creating ALL you desire and these elements are THE KEY.  My job is to have you become masterful at these elements so that you can create ANYTHING you desire.

‚ÄčAre you currently in ALIGNMENT with your highest SELF creating your life?

What if you CLEARED all the blocks standing in the way of what you want?

What would be possible if you could out create any creation you've ever created?

As you make choices in your life, are you choosing from your INTUITION or something else?

How well do you TRUST your SELF, your path and the choices you make?