About the Founder and CEO of My Life My Design

Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design. She has spent over $100K working on and developing her skill set as a facilitator and guide for others. Tamara has studied Ontology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, the scientific principles of different hands-on healing techniques, the intricate applications of meditations effects on the brain, the differences between male and female dynamics, and the chromosomal innate behaviors of each. She has received Dozens of Energetic initiations and activations for herself, her highest self, healing capacities, and opening vortexes to the multidimensional realm. Tamara has been in courses, meditation retreats, trained in hands-on healing techniques, learned multiple ways to clear energy, and worked with 

enlightened masters in order to access the infinite and multi-dimensional spaceā€¦ all to create in the 3D world. You could say, she has a Doctorate degree in ENERGETIC applications for the REAL WORLD.

Mastery happens at 10,000 hours of practice.... Tamara has spent over 20,000 hours facilitating, coaching, and guiding others to create real, LASTING change in their lives!

Now, she's ready to share how YOU can apply modern day spiritual techniques to create a life without limitations!

Tamara's skillset was built from participating in over 47 programs within the last 13 years. This journey to master herself gave her the tools and training needed to create a simplified program - The 12 Month Energetic Self Mastery Program - to guide others to their own SELF-mastery in a much shorter less expensive timeline. Consider this program as the cliff notes version of her last 13-year journey with a community of people who are just like YOU... People who are out to create MORE in their lives and be the BEST version of themselves!

If you want to step into a life filled with ease, joy, and abundance....

It is possible! And i want it for you!

From the Desk of Tamara Ross...

It's funny to think about it, I wasn't always this brilliant and grounded being, LOL. I mean if you met me, you would probably think I was born a powerhouse. I bought my first property at 23, had four other houses by the age of 28, and was one of the top sales reps in North America for my company. Friends, family, and outsiders labeled me as driven, motivated, and intelligent. 

But if you looked closely... you would have noticed a few things. Yes, I had a big house, but I lived in it alone. Yes I was successful, but I had very few friends to share it with. Yes I was at the top of my game, but I was extremely lonely.

And then it happened....my MINI BREAK DOWN.

Now, I'm not calling it a mid-life crisis, because I was only 29 and I have NO intentions of leaving this planet at 58, but it was some kind of crisis for sure.

Let me paint a picture for you.... I'm sitting in a theatre at the happiest place on earth, Disney World, with my little sister (11) and a friend's daughter (15) when the tears start rolling down my face.

I started crying because I was HIT WITH SOMETHING. You ever get hit with something so profound you can't control your emotions? Well, that was this day for me. What did I do? I phoned a friend... I hopped on the phone and cried until the battery died. I know what you're thinking...how quickly can you send your little ones to be supervised by me? I mean, what did the kids do while I was breaking down? I honestly have no idea...not my best day on this planet, I'll tell you that.

Well, what was this breakdown about anyways!? I know you must be dying to know. There was this realization of my SELF, my existence on the earth, and the fact that anything I wanted was at my fingertips...yet I felt like I had done NOTHING. Have you ever heard you or someone else say, "When I have enough time, when I have the money, I'll do it!" I was hit over the head with the fact that I HAD time and money and I hadn't really done anything I really wanted! I had properties, money, stuff and a great job, but what does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? 

So, now what? I did what any normal, sane, 29 year old would do! I quit my job and traveled. For 2 years I couch surfed, traveled around the world, helped non-profits give back, and became more MYSELF than I ever had been before. Lots of people want to know how I got into coaching, and this is really how that happened for me. Before I started traveling, I was already coaching in one of the world's leading personal growth and development companies and it was my travels that had me get grounded in my capacities as a coach and mentor.

As the dust settled, people were coming out of the wood work to ask for my advice and expertise. This is how I built my companies... out of the request of others. To live from contribution and service rather than money and wealth.

Fast forward almost a decade and I have created the most amazing life. I have a house in the mountains in Colorado and a vacation house in Florida. I'm constantly learning from and amazed by daughter, Cecilia, who is the most amazing ball of light. And, the impact of this work on others continues to grow and expand!

So let me leave you with this, friend. If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you be doing?

If you're reading this... our paths have crossed. What drew you into this world?