About My Life My Design

Our mission is to simplify modern-day universal spiritual teachings; empowering people to create without limitation.

While most Personal Growth and Development companies focus actions and accountability in the 3D realm, we focus on the multidimensional space; leaving NOTHING out. While we work in spiritual teachings we are not advocates for making the "ego" or personality wrong.

We integrate EVERY part of you, including your desires and highest self, so that YOU ARE COMPLETELY FULFILLED in your life. This allows for your Soul, Consciousness, higher self, personality and ego, to all be honored while fulfilling your life’s purpose and path.

We are not here to give you tools, tips and techniques to apply to the human, limited, 3D realm. Instead we will guide you from the human realm into the infinite realm. Our coaches, facilitators and trainers will relate to you only as whole, with nothing to fix or change and are here only to guide you to your next evolution.

Our clients receive a personalized, unique, training experience from our coaches, because we center the conversations around their awareness, choice, intuition, and willingness to align with their higher self. The client is in control of the change that will occur and how their pathway unfolds. This is based on their own discovery, willingness, and mastery of the tools provided.

We don’t believe in a predetermined outcome for one's life, or something/someone else pulling the strings. What you will discover instead is that at any moment one choice could change the trajectory of your life forever.

You’ll find that all of our trainings are anchored in these principles. What you won’t find is “make wrongs” or “shoulds”, only your illuminated choices!

Here you will learn what it takes to eat, breathe and live energetic self-mastery.