Upgrade to VIP Visionboarding!

After clearing your limitations and aligning what you REALLY want for 2022, it's time to implement your creation into reality!

This is your chance to create a dream-board to REALLY get connected to your next year and review your vision newly from an energetic perspective!

Starting at 2:00 pm MST on January 13th (right after the Masterclass), Tamara will be guiding a small group through a vision-boarding opportunity and expanding your creations beyond what you ever dreamed possible!

This VIP Visionboarding is for you if...

  • You have NO IDEA what you want to create for 2022 and are ready to manifest something JUICY!
  • You have AN IDEA of what you want to create for 2022, but are ready to EXPAND it to the next level
  • You've pieced together an outline of your vision, but can't quite imagine the details and day-to-day dealings of what you want

This VIP Visionboarding is NOT for you if...

  • You know EXACTLY what you want 2022 to look like and how to get there
  • You've ALREADY created and HAVE everything you want and MORE for your next year
  • You are NOT interested in expanding or building on the creation you already have for your 2022 vision

VIP Experience Includes...

60 Minute Visionboarding Experience with Tamara in a small group setting

Intimate facilitation with Tamara to clear what is standing in your way and expand your creations to the next level

Leaving with a Personalized 2022 Visionboard  - electronic and/or physical - to reference throughout the year to continously align in your creations and manifestations!

This VIP Visionboarding Experience is  VALUED at $750, but as our New Years gift to you, we're gifting you this VIP Experience for just $77!