5 Days to Energetic Mastery!

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This Training Series Will Guide You To...

  • Clear your life and mindset blocks without all of the time consuming conversations, debacles, and debates
  • Align with and attract what you truly want so that you’re not constantly pursuing and chasing 
  • Create and actualize the dreams you’ve been sitting on
  • Tap into your intuitive gifts to simplify your decision making process and experience more ease
  • Trust fully that everything is working out in your favor and leave behind the confusion, stress, and struggle 

Go at your own pace! Learn these tools and techniques in 5 days or LESS!

What Are the 5 Pillars?

The 5 Pillars of Energetic Mastery guide you to a heightened state of awareness of everything around you. Learn the capability to CHOOSE your own reality and how you want it to go instead of being at the effect of anything!


Free yourself from any limiting beliefs or past failures by learning 3 powerful clearing techniques. Instantly eliminate your judgments and remove the invisible glass ceiling that's been capping what's possible for you.


Learn how to align with your highest self, allowing you to experience the magic of who you really are and what you are truly capable of. Tune in and create with velocity by having what you asking for COME to you rather than constantly chasing.


Discover how to work with the universe to create beyond your human limitations. Master staying in a high frequency so that bigger and better things come to you! Utilize the "Law of Attraction" and the "Ask and Receive" principles to support you in surpassing your goals.


Learn how to receive your intuitive knowledge and higher knowing. Begin leveraging your psychic gifts to connect with source, and your highest self.


Find what it actually takes to have a life filled with EASE! Step into your ability to move through anything with peace and calm instead of doubt or fear. Experience magic within your day-to-day dealings and learn how to clear any road block that may come your way!

You are always choosing something, whether it's good stuff or not-so-good stuff. Once you recognize all of life is a choice, you can choose to create it all your way...

What do I Get?

5 Recorded Audio and Video Trainings!

Five 90-minute recorded calls dedicated to a different pillar each day. Plus, a BONUS recorded clearing call!

5 Modules to Grow your Mastery

Each module includes a special, curated workbook, and will be guided by Tamara herself!

Course Bonuses!

 Bonus resources like Tamara's favorite books, videos, and practices to help further your mastery!

What our participants are saying...

I sold a business, started a new business, grew an IG account to over 10k in 3-months, moved, lost 30 lbs, stopped living to work and found my partner.

If you are looking for straight forward, uncommon, but practical tools and coaching that you can use for the rest of your life to create anything you want, you're in the right place.

KATIE MCCARTHY  //  Business Owner

Working with Tamara has allowed me to move from a life of overwhelm to one of ease, grace, flow and joy! I can't believe the way I've designed my life. It's amazing and it's unimaginable.

MARISA MOLINA  //  Health Coach

This is the Time for Energetic Mastery!

If you want to start choosing every moment of your reality...
If you want to create beyond human limitation...
If you want to stop talking about your #bestlife and start living it...

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