3 Ways to Create The Life You Truly Want

Three Ways to Create the Life you Truly Want

Everything you’ve ever wanted can be created and the truth is, you have everything you need to create what you want.  

Inside all of us, is a life imagined where we have it all. And not just have it all, but having it all, ALL OUR WAY.  Maybe your "have it all" means creating a super successful business that brings in a seven-figure bottom line and continues to grow year after year. Maybe you see yourself blissed out on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, eating the best food and experiencing nothing but endless love for your partner and the people and things around you.  Maybe it's watching your kids grow up in a place you love, with more quality time then you know what to do with.

The question is... 'If we have everything we need to create what we want, why don’t we all have this goodness in our lives RIGHT NOW!?'

The truth is, there is an immense discomfort that stands between where we are now, and where we want to go. And, when we start down the path of what we want most, we begin to push up against those dense limiting patterns and discomfort arises. The discomfort can be so overwhelming that it becomes easier to do what we’ve always done rather than change the course.

Luckily, this point of discomfort is my specialty, this happens to be my favorite part of the journey we call life because this is where our greatest accomplishments are attained! If you are brave enough to choose the path of discomfort you have the chance to change the course of your life forever.

In this post, I’m sharing my 3 ways to truly create the life you want.

First: Define Your Energetic Priorities

When I talk about energetic priorities, I am talking about the energies you prioritize experiencing in life. You have those you WANT to experience and keep TRYING to thave more of, like LOVE, FREEDOM and WEALTH. And then you have the energies that you are unconsciously patterned to perpetuate like SCARCITY, ABANDONMENT, and REJECTION. Most of the time you aren't even aware they are running, and if you haven't done the work to identify them, you can't actually change them.

So step one is to identify the energies you'd like to experience in your reality.

One of my energetic priorities is efficiency. I want things to run as smoothly and quickly as possible, in my business and at home with my family.  I don’t like spending hours on something I know can be done faster and more efficiently with a different process. So I choose efficiency whenever I can, I train people in my company to be more efficient, my husband and I talk about it when needed, and I'll even spend more money on something for me that is more efficient.

In order to define your own energetic priorities ask yourself these questions:

What energies do I want to experience most in my life?

What would I like more of?

Am I willing to choose the things I need, in order to have more of this energy in my life?  (this one may be tricky as it may cost more for you to have the energies you desire. 🙂 )

Second: Ask What Else is Possible

Once you've identified your energetic priorities, you want to start asking questions like, "what else is possible?" Asking questions will ALWAYS create MORE and ultimately helps you tap into the next level of your own awareness. This is where life will start to evolve with ease.

By asking "what else is possible" when life sucks or when life is going great you're ultimately opening yourself up to having it go even better. You take yourself out of a conclusion and into an energy of creation and receiving, and the universe responds in kind. Asking questions in this manner expands our awareness and consciousness beyond what we already know and have concluded about what we are experiencing.

Co-create with the universe by asking these questions. Let’s see what’s possible!

What else is possible?

How does it get better than this?

What else could get created?

Find Somebody Who Can See More for You

A coach’s job is to see 10 steps ahead of where you currently are and to guide you beyond anything you see possible for yourself. We are here to guide you to a level of discomfort that you’re probably not going to enjoy. This is for a good reason. Discomfort illuminates what there is to take on next within yourself, and what's next for you to tackle on your path. Because my friend, if it were comfortable, you would have already accomplished it.

When working with a coach, here are some practices to keep in mind: 

Lean on your coach not just when you are stuck, but also when everything is going fine. Ask questions that focus your attention on having EVERYTHING GO YOUR WAY and creating more of the life you want. 

Write down the awarenesses that show up while you are creating your next-level self. 

Reflect on those awarenesses with your coach.  He/she should be able to add a heightened level of insight as to what is happening and guide you to your next steps for creating the life of your dreams.

Chances are, you are not going to see ALL the nuances of what you are experiencing. That’s where your coach comes in, their job is to have you see your limitations and choose the next uncomfortable step so that you are continuously out creating yourself. If you want to speak to a member of my team, click here to schedule a call!

All three of these ways will allow you to activate the creation process and begin living life your way, right now.

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About Tamara Ross

Tamara Ross is the founder and CEO of My Life My Design. She is a highly sought after Energetics Expert and the creator of the Energetic Self Mastery Program. She not only trains individuals and entrepreneurs to create MORE for themselves and their lives, but also trains individuals to impact others with a certified Energetic Coaching Program.

Tamara’s teachings in energy guides individuals to create lives filled with love, joy, success and balance all while increasing their profits and money flows. She trains people in removing the barriers to their success so they can manifest ANYTHING they desire.

Tamara's expertise has allowed for her to create a house in the mountains and a vacation house on the beach, grow a multiple 6- figure company with a 70% profitability margin, and live a life with no compromises all while positively impacting thousands of individuals world wide.

Tamara Ross

Founder and CEO of My Life My Design