Re-set, Re-create and Re-imagine your 2019!

Attention: business owners and entrepreneurs 

Join me LIVE  for a FREE 5-week series to Re-set  your intentions and manifest those 2019 goals!

Don't miss your chance to Re-set, Re-create and Re-imagine your life to reach BEYOND your 2019 intentions.

Included in this FREE training series YOU'LL RECEIVE:

  • 15 interactive LIVE STREAM video calls with Tamara (3/week) to focus on your training around energetic creation and manifestation.  
  • 5 Interviews with TOP-Entrepreneurs to reveal how they keep the momentum going through out the year, continually step into their NEXT-LEVEL-SELF and reach those goals that have seemed un-reachable.
  • Weekly intentioned tasks to clear your blocks, train you in the energetic components and keep you out-creating yourself. 
  • Access to my private online resource center so you can engage in the trainings anytime you need.  Weekly LIVE STREAMS, interviews and the homework will all be in one place in order to provide you with the most EASE in participating with us.
  • 10% discount to my upcoming 3 day event: "The Next Evolution of YOU!" being held in  ~San Diego, CA~ May 30th, June1, June 2nd.

It's time to take the next step into your own energetic mastery to create the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! 

Meet Tamara Ross

Tamara is a business success coach, a money coach, a speaker and an energetics expert. After almost a decade of supporting her clients' to create ANYTHING they want in their businesses and lives, she's decided to share it all with you in this FREE 5-week training series.  In case you were wondering, she currently works about 20 hours a week, has a multiple 6 figure business, has retired her husband and spends most of her time playing and traveling with her family.  

Asia Maus

" She has a very unique approach in how she coaches in an energetic, spiritual, body, mind, emotional way that most coaches just hit on certain points, where she embodies all of that...  Working with Tamara is amazing, very magical, very transformational."  

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If you haven't been taught how to ENERGETICALLY CREATE your future, then you don't want to miss this
LIVE 5-week training series.