20 Day FREE Meditation Series

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Scientific studies have proven meditation to...

  • Increase your immune functions
  • Increase your focus, attention, productivity and memory
  • Increase creative thinking
  • Increase self-control and regulation of your emotions 
  • Decrease anxiety, PTSD and depression
  • Decrease body aches and pains
  • Decrease stress and overwhelm
  • Decrease memory loss

Whether you have a daily practice or have never meditated before, this series will guide you to different techniques and methods to find a flow that 

really works for you!

what you get

Guided Meditations

Starting with a 5 minute meditation and working up to 20 minutes, you'll learn a new meditation technique every day!

Training Videos

Discover the best way to use a meditation pillow, mala beads, meditate with crystals, and other meditation tools!

BONUS Recordings!

 Tamara has previously hosted a meditation training (just like this one!), so as a bonus, you'll get IMMEDIATE access to 20 additional recordings! That means, you'll have access to a total of 40 meditations!

Your Host

Hi, I'm Tamara!

As an Energetics Expert, I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create more cash flow, opportunity, and time off within their companies. I've been meditating for over a decade with a multitude of different modalities including Vipassana, chakras, white light, violet flames, emerald flames, quantum healing sessions, and chantings. I've traveled worldwide to be guided by monks and spiritual teachers. While I've spent YEARS going inward and honing my practice, I want to make this as easy as possible for you to get started.  

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Steph Gaudreau

"Thank you so much for this!! This is the calmest I've EVER felt doing a meditation this long. It was awesome!" 

Morada Tripp

"I so appreciate this time in my day to be calm and have a moment take care of myself. Thank you for holding space for me!"