We've been taught to make choices... 

You can have  Career Success OR Love Success.  Make Money OR Live Your Purpose.  You can have the Freedom to Explore OR you can choose Life's Responsibilities.

If we want to be successful then we KNOW we have to work hard to do it.  If we want to have more time with our family or a personal life we know our job and money flows will suffer.

And, the only way we have been taught to "have it all" leads to adrenal fatigue, breakdowns, burn-outs, stress, and feeling like a failure because you don't have EVERYTHING you want.  

What if there was another way?  What if I could show you how to have everything you want and what if you didn't have to work harder to get it!  

Would you be willing to work LESS, play more and make way MORE money, all while having life be in perfect balance with your family, friends and the relationship of your dreams? 

If so, then you've come to the right place my friend!


I'm Tamara!

I'm a mom, wife, an entrepreneur, an Energetic Master, an unstoppable change maker and the founder of My Life My Design.  

This is the place where everything changes for you, your life and your future!

“My Legacy is teaching you Energetic Mastery so that you can create ANYTHING you want for your self and your life.  

More Money?  More Freedom?  The Relationship of your Dreams?  

You don't have to know HOW you just have to be willing.  I'll show you the HOW!”

"She challenges you to reveal the things that are holding you back." 

"Working with Tamara is an adventure, and you can't miss out on it... Tamara is very unafraid to ask you to dig deeper. She challenges you to reveal the things that are holding you back without bullshitting yourself. She makes you go there, she makes you do the work, and you want to do the work."

Devon Barrow ~ Yoga Instructor

"Grow at the quickest rate possible."

"Tamara's a really great listener. She's incredible at picking out what it is that you need to face or hear in the moment that it's happening in order for you to grow at the quickest rate possible. It's really based on what it is you need at that moment."

Marisa Molina ~ Health Coach

"If you are looking for high energy and real results, she's your gal."

"Tamara has an uncanny and unique ability to draw out the best in people. There's a certain energy that drives her and those around her. If you're looking for high energy and real results, she's your gal."

Douglas Raggio ~ Investor Management