Design The Life You Love

Hi, I'm Tamara!

I'm a spiritual entrepreneur, Energetic Master, magical mom, lover of all humans, and founder of My Life My Design.

I’ve spent over $100K developing my skill set as a facilitator and guide for others, studying Ontology, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and so much more!

Over the past 13 years, I’ve been in courses, meditation retreats, trained in hands-on healing techniques, and worked with enlightened masters in order to access the infinite and multi-dimensional space.

You could say, I have a Doctorate degree in ENERGETIC applications for the REAL WORLD!

Mastery happens at 10,000 hours of practice. I've spent over 20,000 hours facilitating, coaching, and guiding others to create real, LASTING change in their lives!

Image of our mission: We simply modern-day universal spiritual teachings to empower people to create without limitation


Here at My Life My Design, we are a STAND for practicing and teaching Energetic Self Mastery, which is the awareness and willingness to grow and cultivate change.

By clearing 3D human limitations and patterns, we can tap into our INFINITE soul's capacity to create and manifest anything we desire... And teach our clients to do the same! 

The more you cultivate flexibility and awareness to dance with the energy, the more you grow inside of your mastery and capacity to create!


While most Personal Training and Development companies focus on the 3D realm, we focus on the multidimensional space and leave NOTHING out. We integrate EVERY part of you, who you are, and your desires into your life so that YOU ARE FULFILLED. Your Soul, Consciousness, highest self, personality and ego, is honored within your purpose and path.

ALL of our trainings are anchored in this foundation, so there are no “make wrongs”, only choices!

Here there is NO predetermined outcome for your life, or someone else pulling the strings.

What our clients say...


Psychic Coach

"I've given up 'making a living' and started just doing what I love, which is serving and supporting others. Money is rolling in, so I let it come! I've allowed myself to really trust and walk the path - just being in the process and not doubting it. It's the most precious thing I can have right now - not being in fear, allowing myself to clear, and using the tools."

Melissa Ternes Life Coach for My Life My Design


Wealth Coach

"I've read the books, taken the courses, gotten the certifications, and done tons of work with clients around money. Tamara's philosophy of energetic mastery is like nothing I've seen anywhere, ever. Her approach is simple to put into practice and yields results that last! In the last 3 months, I brought in the ANNUAL INCOME I made all last year AND worked way less! There are tons of people that will teach you strategy and mindset, but Tamara trains you in energetics at a deep and transformational level!" 


Business Consultant

"Tamara is a very powerful person but she brings a lot of play and enthusiasm to her coaching. She brings a playfulness that makes you laugh at your own humanity and has you be willing to take the first step. I love that she creates a safe place for you to do that."

Dare to live your best life!

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Not sure where to begin?  

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