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​We've been taught in this reality that in order to have balance in your life ​you have ​to make choices... 

You can ​have  ​Career Success ​OR Love Success.  Make Money ​OR ​Live Your Purpose.  ​​Freedom ​to Explore ​OR ​Life's Responsibilities.

If we want to be successful then we KNOW we have to work hard to do it.  If we want to have more time with our family or a personal life our job will suffer.  And, the only way we have been taught to "have it all" leads to burn-out, stress, and feeling like a failure because you don't have EVERYTHING you want.  

So what if I told you that you having to choose is a LIE.  What if I told you you could have everything you want and you don't have to work harder to get it!  

Would you be willing to work LESS, make MORE money and be in the relationship of your dreams?  

​If so, then you've come to the right place my friend!

"I didn't know such FREEDOM was possible"

I didn't know that such freedom was possible, and now I think that it's definitely achievable and that it doesn't have to be hard. I didn't realize how accessible some of the things I want are.

Devon Barrow

My secret sauce lies in supporting my clients to master these 5 elements in their lives.  You master these, and you too can HAVE anything you want!

After working with Tamara, I have a lot more confidence and trust that I'm able to make things happen that I didn't know were possible.

Gayle Goldman