Work With Tamara

Work with tamara

Short term, Long term or group programs... What's your next big step?

What would you create if you could out create any creation you've ever created?

Energetic Alignment Session - 3o mins

Do you feel stuck, but aren't sure why? Do you keep trying to move something in the direction you want, but it's not budging?

Then choose a 30-minute Energetic Assessment with Tamara. During this session you'll identify exactly what has been keeping you stuck, challenged or NOT producing the results you really want. Whether it's a big energy block or a simple energy shift that needs to be addressed, after this session you'll have the clarity you are looking for with the problem at hand.


Power Clearing Session - 6o mins

Do you keep trying to create the same thing over and over again, without success? More money, career moves, the relationship of your dreams?

Then choose a 1-hour power clearing session with Tamara. During your session, you'll powerfully clear any energetic barriers standing in the way of what you desire most so that you can receive what you desire with total ease. With her undivided attention, you'll focus on that one thing that will make the biggest difference for you at this time.


Business Creation Session - 6o mins

Are you tuned in and know which direction your business wants to go?  Would you like guidance for your next big "thing"?

During this 1-hour session, you'll tune in and power through your next funnel, creation and/or project in such a way you'll be left with the exact strategy that will have you spend less time and yield your biggest results yet.  Tamara has over a decade of business experience, knowledge and negotiations at her finger tips. You are guaranteed to have access to new ways of thinking and operating that were previously unseen.


Energetic Body Clearing Session - 9o mins

Is your life not quite what you would like it to be? Do you desire to have more, be more and create more?

As a certified Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner, Tamara is trained to activate and run 32 points of energy on your head where you have stored limiting thoughts, ideas, beliefs and considerations. During your private one-on-one session, Tamara will activate these points allowing you to dissipate some of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that are keeping you stuck. After just 90 minutes, you can expect to feel like you received a great massage at the bare minimum or at the most, your whole life could change.  Here's what one client shared about her session:

"I knew that going into my clearing session with Tamara I was going to be in for something special due to the amazing things I had heard about her work from my friends. I didn't, however know that those 90 minutes with Tamara would be life changing...When the 90 minutes was up I literally felt like a different person.   I felt like the me I wanted to be.  My mind and body felt light, happy and clear.  I went to my parents house directly from my session and my mom said to me, "What happened to you? You are glowing!"  She was right, I felt it too, I was glowing from the inside out. The words that my friend used to describe Tamara to me was that she was an "angel."  She was completely right.  Tamara is a blessing and an angel whose purpose is to bring awareness and clarity to the human race in her time here on Earth. It was a beautiful experience." -Teresa V., San Diego, CA


Deep Dive VIP Experience - 2-Day Partnership

Choose two days to energetically embody the 5 elements, up-level your life and forward ALL your business ventures. Come away CLEAR, ALIGNED and with the strategy you need to move what may currently seem like mountains.

With this personalized VIP 2-day experience Tamara and you will set into motion your NEXT big creation and set yourself up for more money, more success and more EASE. Tamara will provide you with hands on energy work that will heal, clear and leave you ready to receive all the riches and success you desire.

How good do you really want it?  How good are you willing to have it?


Your Life Your Way! - 12 Month Commitment

Would you love EVERY area of your life to rock? Do you feel limited by choosing just one thing to focus on?

If you're ready to have every area of your life orchestrated in complete harmony, then maybe creating a longer term commitment is where you would best thrive. Together you'll outline your exact goals and what you would like to create in the following 12 months. Tamara will support you in doing the work to energetically clear any blocks standing in your way and together you will align in your creation on a weekly basis to manifest and actualize your deepest desires. When you commit to coaching with Tamara for a year, you don't just receive a 50-minute coaching session each week, but you'll gain access to her via email and text between your sessions as well. Those in the Denver area may choose to meet in-person at Tamara's office once a month for hands-on energetic body clearing sessions.

"There is a lot more that I plan on working on with Tamara, and I look forward to every call we have together.  She is a beam of light and a huge source of love, happiness and guidance.  She's changed my life, and nothing in the world could ever replace what she's brought to me." -Bianca J., San Diego

$1,025/month or $12,000 paid upfront for the year